The last set in Series 1 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG, Booster R3 was released on November 23, 2000. It reprinted cards selected from the original Booster and Volume Series.

Of the 50 cards in Booster R3, all but two ("Kairyu-Shin" and "Wing Eagle") have since been released in the English Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.


Booster R3 contains 50 cards. The rarities are distributed as follows:



Card number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
B3-01 Sword Arm of Dragon剣竜ソード・ドラゴン Common Normal Monster
B3-02 Summoned Skullデーモンのしょうかん Ultra Rare Normal Monster
B3-03 Battle Oxミノタウルス Common Normal Monster
B3-04 Two-Headed King Rexとうつキング・レックス Common Normal Monster
B3-05 The Snake Hairメデューサのぼうれい Common Normal Monster
B3-06 Garoozisガルーザス Common Normal Monster
B3-07 Kairyu-Shin海竜神リバイアサン Common Normal Monster
B3-08 Crawling Dragon #2しかばねむさぼりゅう Common Normal Monster
B3-09 Dragon Zombieドラゴン・ゾンビ Common Normal Monster
B3-10 Mask of Darknessやみめん Rare Flip monster
B3-11 Goddess with the Third Eyeしんがんがみ Common Effect Monster
B3-12 White Magical Hat白い泥棒ホワイト・シーフ Rare Effect Monster
B3-13 Lord of the Lampランプのじん Common Normal Monster
B3-14 Mysterious Puppeteerなぞぐつ Common Effect Monster
B3-15 Trap Masterトラップ・マスター Common Flip monster
B3-16 Beastking of the Swampsぬまじゅうおう Common Effect Monster
B3-17 Versago the Destroyerかいしん ヴァサーゴ Common Effect Monster
B3-18 Parrot Dragonパロット・ドラゴン Common Normal Monster
B3-19 Ushi Oniうしおに Common Normal Monster
B3-20 Monster Eyeモンスター・アイ Common Effect Monster
B3-21 Machine Kingかいおう Common Effect Monster
B3-22 Cyber-Steinデビル・フランケン Common Effect Monster
B3-23 Sky Dragon天空竜スカイ・ドラゴン Common Normal Monster
B3-24 Kaiser Dragonカイザー・ドラゴン Common Fusion Monster
B3-25 Water Magicianみずどう Common Normal Monster
B3-26 Sentinel of the Seasうみまもせん Common Normal Monster
B3-27 Wing Eagleウイング・イーグル Common Normal Monster
B3-28 Crimson Sunbirdこうようちょう Common Fusion Monster
B3-29 Soul Hunterソウル・ハンター Common Fusion Monster
B3-30 Needle Ballニードル・ボール Common Flip monster
B3-31 Dragon Seeker竜殺者ドラゴン・キラー Common Effect Monster
B3-32 Bracchio-raidusブラキオレイドス Common Fusion Monster
B3-33 Mystical Sand砂の魔女サンド・ウィッチ Common Fusion Monster
B3-34 Skelgonスケルゴン Common Fusion Monster
B3-35 Behegonベヒゴン Common Normal Monster
B3-36 Needle Wormニードルワーム Common Flip monster
B3-37 Great Mammoth of Goldfineきんいろぞう Common Fusion Monster
B3-38 Greenkappaドッペルゲンガー Common Flip monster
B3-39 Morphing Jarメタモルポット Common Flip monster
B3-40 Penguin Soldierペンギン・ソルジャー Rare Flip monster
B3-41 Amphibious Bugrothすいりくりょうようバグロス Common Fusion Monster
B3-42 Mystical Sheep #1イリュージョン・シープ Common Effect Monster
B3-43 Fake Trapにせもののわな Rare Normal Trap Card
B3-44 Just Dessertsごうとく Common Normal Trap Card
B3-45 Royal Decreeおうきゅうのお Rare Continuous Trap Card
B3-46 Last Day of Witchじょ Common Normal Spell Card
B3-47 Exile of the Wickedあくばら Common Normal Spell Card
B3-48 Magical Thornりょくとげ Common Continuous Trap Card
B3-49 Restructer Revolutionかくめい Common Normal Spell Card
B3-50 Fusion Sageゆうごうけんじゃ Common Normal Spell Card

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