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Booster R1

Booster R1

Set information


  • Booster Pack
Part of series


  • B1 (jp)
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Release dates
  • June 23, 2000

Booster R1

Booster R1 is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is a Series 2 set, though because it only contains cards originally printed in Series 1, it is often considered a Series 1 set. It was released on June 23, 2000 and reprinted 50 cards from Vol.1, Booster 1, Booster 2, and Starter Box: Theatrical Release.


The set contains 50 cards, consisting of:


All 50 cards in Booster R1 were reprinted from earlier sets: one card from Vol.1, 16 cards from Booster 1, 28 cards from Booster 2, and five cards from Starter Box: Theatrical Release.

"Gaia The Fierce Knight"
Booster 1
"Battle Warrior", "Blue Medicine", "Doron", "Fire Eye", "Hurricail", "Nightmare Scorpion", "Raimei", "Ryu-Kishin", "Synchar", "The Shadow Who Controls the Dark", "Twin Long Rods #1", "Vishwar Randi", "Water Element", "Wattkid", "Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head", "Yamatano Dragon Scroll"
Booster 2
"Alinsection", "Bean Soldier", "Bolt Penguin", "Burning Spear", "Corroding Shark", "Dark-Piercing Light", "Elf's Light", "Fairywitch", "Giant Flea", "Gust Fan", "Invigoration", "Key Mace #2", "Little D", "Megirus Light", "One Who Hunts Souls", "Ookazi", "Oscillo Hero", "Shining Friendship", "Soul of the Pure", "Steel Shell", "Stone Ghost", "Sword of Dark Destruction", "The Inexperienced Spy", "The Statue of Easter Island", "Wilmee", "Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2", "Wood Clown", "Wow Warrior"
Starter Box: Theatrical Release
"Aqua Madoor", "Dark King of the Abyss", "The 13th Grave", "Trial of Nightmare", "Turtle Tiger"



Booster R1
(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity
B1-01 Ryu-Kishin ガーゴイル Common
B1-02 Gaia the Fierce Knight 暗黒騎士ガイア Ultra Rare
B1-03 Wattkid エレキッズ Common
B1-04 Giant Flea 吸血ノミ Common
B1-05 Battle Warrior 格闘戦士アルティメーター Common
B1-06 Nightmare Scorpion ナイトメア・スコーピオン Common
B1-07 Trial of Nightmare 地獄の裁判 Rare
B1-08 Yamatano Dragon Scroll ヤマタノ竜絵巻 Common
B1-09 The 13th Grave 13人目の埋葬者 Rare
B1-10 The Shadow Who Controls the Dark 闇を司る影 Common
B1-11 Dark King of the Abyss 深淵の冥王 Rare
B1-12 Hurricail ハリケル Common
B1-13 Fire Eye ファイヤー・アイ Common
B1-14 Synchar ファランクス Common
B1-15 Turtle Tiger タートル・タイガー Rare
B1-16 Doron ドローン Common
B1-17 Twin Long Rods #1 グロス Common
B1-18 Aqua Madoor アクア・マドール Rare
B1-19 Wood Clown ウッド・ジョーカー Common
B1-20 Vishwar Randi ヴィシュワ・ランディー Common
B1-21 Water Element ウォーター・エレメント Common
B1-22 One Who Hunts Souls 魂を狩る者 Common
B1-23 Fairywitch エンジェル・魔女 Common
B1-24 Megirus Light メギラス・ライト Common
B1-25 Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head 魔頭を持つ邪竜 Common
B1-26 Sword of Dark Destruction 闇の破神剣 Common
B1-27 Elf's Light エルフの光 Common
B1-28 Steel Shell はがねの甲羅 Common
B1-29 Invigoration 覚醒 Common
B1-30 Soul of the Pure 天使の生き血 Common
B1-31 Ookazi 昼夜の大火事 Common
B1-32 Dark-Piercing Light 闇をかき消す光 Common
B1-33 Stone Ghost ストーン・ゴースト Common
B1-34 Bolt Penguin ボルト・ペンギン Common
B1-35 Alinsection インセクション Common
B1-36 Wilmee ウィルミー Common
B1-37 Bean Soldier ビーン・ソルジャー Common
B1-38 The Statue of Easter Island イースター島のモアイ Common
B1-39 Corroding Shark デッド・シャーク Common
B1-40 Wow Warrior 魚ギョ戦士 Common
B1-41 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2 ワイバーン Common
B1-42 Oscillo Hero オシロ・ヒーロー Common
B1-43 Little D ベビー・ティーレックス Common
B1-44 Key Mace #2 ロックメイス Common
B1-45 Shining Friendship フレンドシップ Common
B1-46 Blue Medicine ブルー・ポーション Common
B1-47 Raimei 雷鳴 Common
B1-48 Burning Spear 灼熱の槍 Common
B1-49 Gust Fan 突風の扇 Common
B1-50 The Inexperienced Spy 未熟な密偵 Common

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