Booster 1 was released on March 1, 1999 as one of the very first Booster Packs in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game—preceded only by Vol.1, which was released the month prior. Like all Series 1 sets, Booster 1 cards used the Series 1 card layout, distinguished from later layouts by the lack of a Card Number beneath the card's artwork and the Eye of Anubis Hologram in its lower-right corner. Like the other Booster sets, Booster 1 was distributed via Carddass vending machines.

Five of the cards in this set were reprinted from Vol.1; the other 35 cards were introduced to the OCG in this set, two of which it introduced to the entire franchise. All but 17 of the cards have been reprinted in Japanese, and only 14 of them have been printed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


Booster 1 contains 40 cards. Rarities are distributed as follows:

The following card types are present:

The set also contains six non-playable FAQ Cards.

Previously featured cards

Booster 1 introduced two cards, "Blue Medicine" and "Raimei", to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise; the other 38 cards were previously featured in the manga, anime, video games, or other real-life games or products:


Booster 1 reprinted the five Equip Spell Cards from Vol.1; the other 35 cards were introduced in this set. 17 of those cards have been reprinted in Japanese: one card in EX Starter Box and EX-R Starter Box, 16 cards in Booster R1 and three cards in Booster Chronicle, and two cards in other sets later. 14 cards have been printed in the TCG.

Reprinted from Vol.1
"Beast Fangs", "Book of Secret Arts", "Legendary Sword", "Power of Kaishin", "Violet Crystal"
EX Starter Box and EX-R Starter Box
Booster R1
"Battle Warrior", "Blue Medicine", "Doron", "Fire Eye", "Hurricail", "Nightmare Scorpion", "Raimei", "Ryu-Kishin", "Synchar", "The Shadow Who Controls the Dark", "Twin Long Rods #1", "Vishwar Randi", "Water Element", "Wattkid", "Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head", "Yamatano Dragon Scroll"
Booster Chronicle
"Blue Medicine", "Raimei", "Wattkid"
"Happy Lover", "Wings of Wicked Flame"
Never reprinted in Japanese
"Ancient Jar", "Dark Plant", "Dig Beak", "Djinn the Watcher of the Wind", "Droll Bird", "Embryonic Beast", "Gate Deeg", "Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation", "Lucky Trinket", "Man-Eating Plant", "Mech Mole Zombie", "Midnight Fiend", "Mystical Capture Chain", "Phantom Dewan", "Phantom Ghost", "The Melting Red Shadow", "Weather Control"
Printed in the TCG
seven monsters ("Battle Warrior", "Dig Beak", "Droll Bird", "Happy Lover", "Ryu-Kishin", "Wattkid", "Wings of Wicked Flame"), both Normal Spell Cards ("Blue Medicine" and "Raimei"), all five Equip Spell Cards ("Beast Fangs", "Book of Secret Arts", "Legendary Sword", "Power of Kaishin", "Violet Crystal")



English name Japanese name Rarity Category
Ancient Jar たいつぼ Common Normal Monster
Battle Warrior かくとうせんアルティメーター Common Normal Monster
Beast Fangs もうじゅう Rare Equip Spell Card
Blue Medicine ブルー・ポーション Common Normal Spell Card
Book of Secret Arts じゅつしょ Rare Equip Spell Card
Dark Plant ダーク・プラント Common Normal Monster
Dig Beak ディッグ・ビーク Common Normal Monster
Djinn the Watcher of the Wind かぜばんにん ジン Common Normal Monster
Doron ドローン Common Normal Monster
Droll Bird スピック Common Normal Monster
Embryonic Beast じゅくあく Common Normal Monster
Fire Eye ファイヤー・アイ Common Normal Monster
Gate Deeg ヘルゲート・ディーグ Common Normal Monster
Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation まねきするはか Common Normal Monster
Happy Lover ハッピー・ラヴァー Common Normal Monster
Hurricail ハリケル Common Normal Monster
Legendary Sword でんせつけん Rare Equip Spell Card
Lucky Trinket ホーリー・パワー Common Normal Monster
Man-Eating Plant ひとしょくぶつ Common Normal Monster
Mech Mole Zombie ゾンビランプ Common Normal Monster
Midnight Fiend ミッドナイト・デビル Common Normal Monster
Mystical Capture Chain せいなるくさり Common Normal Monster
Nightmare Scorpion ナイトメア・スコーピオン Common Normal Monster
Phantom Dewan サターナ Common Normal Monster
Phantom Ghost ゴースト Common Normal Monster
Power of Kaishin ポセイドンのちから Rare Equip Spell Card
Raimei らいめい Common Normal Spell Card
Ryu-Kishin ガーゴイル Common Normal Monster
Synchar ファランクス Common Normal Monster
The Melting Red Shadow とろけるあかかげ Common Normal Monster
The Shadow Who Controls the Dark やみつかさどかげ Common Normal Monster
Twin Long Rods #1 グロス Common Normal Monster
Violet Crystal むらさきすいしょう Rare Equip Spell Card
Vishwar Randi ヴィシュワ・ランディー Common Normal Monster
Water Element ウォーター・エレメント Common Normal Monster
Wattkid エレキッズ Common Normal Monster
Weather Control ウェザー・コントロール Common Normal Monster
Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head とうじゃりゅう Common Normal Monster
Wings of Wicked Flame じゃえんつばさ Common Normal Monster
Yamatano Dragon Scroll ヤマタノドラゴンまき Common Normal Monster

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