Book of the Dead

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English name

Book of the Dead

Alternate names

 Pert Em Hru


Ancient Egyptian funeral text

The Book of the Dead, known as the Pert Em Hru in Egyptian, is the ancient Egyptian funereal text. Its purpose is to assist the deceased in the afterlife. The book contains hymns, spells and instructions to allow the deceased to pass through obstacles in the afterlife. It has been mentioned in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.


Shadi claimed that it is written in the book that the Millennium Items were made by the magicians, who served the pharaohs in order to punish thieves, who would defile tombs of pharaohs and steal treasures.[1] He also said that the Millennium Scales are the Scales of Truth from the 125th chapter of the Book of the Dead, which are used to perform the Weighing of the Heart.[2]

According to Marik Ishtar, the Book of the Dead states that the only way for the lost Pharaoh's soul to prove himself is to gather the Three Gods, which grants the gatherer the title of Pharaoh.[3]

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