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English name
  • Bolton
Japanese translated
  • Bolger
  • Male
Anime Deck

White Warrior/Anti-Blackwing

Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 94: "Keeping a Promise, Part 1"

Appears in
English voice
Japanese voice

Bolton, known as Bolger in the Japanese version, is the president of Bolton Building of Bargains (Bolger & Company in the Japanese version) in New Domino City.


Bolton lineart


Bolton, years ago, worked along with Robert Pearson in Satellite, and at that time met Crow Hogan.

However after Pearson´s death (in the dub, he sent Pearson to the Netherworld), he went on his own to become a racer and successful businessman, and funded his own private company. Much later he receives a visit from Crow, who was digging into Pearson´s mysterious death. Bolton then learns from him that Pearson at the time was Dueling against an individual who used "Crimson Mefist". Crow then asks him if he knows who this man was, but Bolton doesn't want to tell him.

Because of this, Crow gets angry with him and tries to leave. However, supposedly thinking that Crow possesses "Black-Winged Dragon", Bolton challenges him to a Duel. If Crow wins, Bolton will reveal about that incident, but if Bolton wins, he will take "Black-Winged Dragon". As Bolton's company is close to bankruptcy, he needs that card in order to make a deal with an investor. Crow accepts the challenge, though he clarifies that he doesn't have "Black-Winged Dragon".

Their Duel takes place on a private experimental racing field. Bolton was able to overwhelm Crow at first, due to his Anti-Blackwing Deck. However, Crow fights back and Bolton in response Summons "Crimson Mefist", telling him that he was in fact the one that killed Pearson. He revealed at one point in the past, Bolton's and Pearson's Duel Runner research had put on a halt since they did not have enough funds. Some men from New Domino City heard about this problem and came to them to offer the two men an enormous investment to continue their research. However, much to the shock and anger from Bolton, Pearson refused for he wanted the kids to learn that they could do anything without the City's help, which resulted in Pearson's death. That got Crow furious toward Bolton for killing Pearson for his selfish needs.

Bolton is eventually defeated by Crow's "Black-Winged Dragon", which Crow obtained mid-Duel from a hidden compartment in the Blackbird that he had not known about.

He later turns himself in and leaves an order for his company to provide Crow and his friends with financial backing and technical support for the WRGP.


Bolton plays a White Warrior Deck which focuses on inflicting Burn Damage to his opponent. During his Duel against Crow, Bolton incorporated an Anti-Blackwing strategy, designed to prevent Crow from taking advantage of his Blackwing monsters' abilities to collaborate.

He is also seen with a case of many valuable cards not in his Deck, including a 1st Edition "Witch of the Black Forest".



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
2 Thugs 94 Win (with Robert Pearson)
Robert Pearson 94 Win
Crow Hogan 94-95 Lose

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