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DMx001 Triple Blue-Eyes
Yami Yugi standing before three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons"

  • ブルーアイズ
  • Burūaizu (romanized)


  • 青眼
  • Qīngyǎn (pinyin)
  • Cing1 ngaan5 (jyutping)
  • Blue-Eyed (translated)


  • Yeux Bleus


  • Blauäugig


  • Occhi Blu


  • 푸른 눈
  • Pureun Nun (romanized)


  • Olhos Azuis


  • Ojos Azules

Other names

أزرق العينين


Anime appearances

Manga appearances

"Blue-Eyes" (ブルーアイズ Burūaizu) is an archetype of LIGHT-Attribute, Dragon-Type monsters used by Seto Kaiba, Kaibaman, Paradox, and Roku. A mysterious woman named Kisara carries the spirit of the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

Though members have existed since the Starter Box: Theatrical Release in 1999, it only received its first explicit support with "Priestess with Eyes of Blue" in 2015, with further support in Shining Victories.

This archetype is closely related to the "with Eyes of Blue" series.


Most "Blue-Eyes" monsters closely resemble the original member of the archetype, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

Thematically, it has been stated that "Blue-Eyes" represents power while "Red-Eyes" represents potential.[1]

Playing style

"Cards of Consonance" and "Trade-In" were used with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "The White Stone of Legend" to Draw the four "Dragon Rulers", after they were restricted to 1, known collectively as the "Dragon Draw" engine.

These Monster cards could Synchro Summon "Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon" and fueled the effect of "Soul Charge" (when it was at 3), or "Silver's Cry", to swarm the Field.

Structure Deck R: Revival of the Great Divine Dragon offers "Return of the Dragon Lords" and "Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand" for "Blue-Eyes" decks to have additional protection and revival effects: or the combination of "Arkbrave Dragon" and "Amorphage Goliath" to lockdown the Opponent from Special Summoning.

The "with Eyes of Blue" and "The White Stone of Ancients" monsters are LIGHT-Attribute Level 1 Tuners that gain an extra Normal Summon off the effect of "Mausoleum of White". Alongside the "with Eyes of Blue" Tuner's effect to target and activate the effect of "Maiden with Eyes of Blue". "Where Arf Thou?" may also be used in conjunction with "Mausoleum of White" to avoid it's costly 2000 Damage.

When Normal Summoned, "Sage with Eyes of Blue" can search any Level 1 LIGHT Tuner monster, or can Discard itself to Special Summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from the Main Deck and is a key card of both the "Blue-Eyes" and "with Eyes of Blue" archetypes.

Shining Victories includes a new monster, "Dragon Spirit of White", who has the ability to banish an opponent's Spell or Trap Card whenever it is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned. It is also treated as a Normal Monster while in the hand or Graveyard, granting it synergy with cards like "Ancient Rules" and "Silver's Cry".

"Dragon Spirit of White" also has a Synchro Monster counterpart called "Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon", who prevents both players from Special Summoning two or more monsters at the same time, locking down most Pendulum-based Decks. It also has the ability to negate any effect that would activate in the Graveyard once during either player's turn. "Spirit Dragon" can also can Tribute itself to Special Summon any LIGHT Dragon-Type Synchro Monster from the player's Extra Deck at the cost of having to destroy it during the End Phase.

A basic combo is to send a "Blue-Eyes" Monster to the Graveyard by the effect of "Trade-In" or "Dragon Shrine" and revive it with the effect of "Return of the Dragon Lords" or "Silver's Cry", you can then Normal Summon a Level 1 Tuner Monster and Synchro Summon a "Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon" to prevent your opponent from Pendulum Summoning multiple monsters or, once per turn, from activating effects from their Graveyard.

"Spirit Dragon" can also Tribute itself for one of the recommended Level 7 LIGHT Dragon-type Synchro Monsters and then Synchro Summon "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" if you have another Level 1 Tuner on the Field or if running "Mausoleum of White" can be done the same turn.

"Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon" is a Fusion Monster that does not need a "Polymerization"-like card to Fusion Summon. It cannot be destroyed by battle, can attack Monsters twice during the Battle Phase and banishes any monster it attacks that is not destroyed by battle.

"Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" is also a Fusion Monster and lacks the Contact Fusion of "Twin Burst Dragon". While it is the only face-up card you control, it can attack multiple times in the same Battle Phase and use the other copies of "Neo Blue-Eyes" sent to the Graveyard to protect any "Blue-Eyes" monster(s) from being targeted by effects.

"Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon" is a Ritual Monster that cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects and has a doubled piercing battle damage effect.

Recommended cards

Recommended Cards
Egg Turbo
Blue-Eyes Shining

Rank 8 Dark Matter Dragon Combo

The "Blue-Eyes" deck can easily make use of this dangerous monster due to its ease of summoning the various "Galaxy-Eyes" Xyz monsters, and Rank 8 Xyzs in general. When you have two "Blue-Eyes" monsters on the field, Xyz Summon any "Galaxy-Eyes" Monster; then, Xyz Evolve that monster into "Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon", which can detach an Xyz Material to destroy any card. After that, Xyz Evolve that monster into "Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon". If you can resolve this play early enough into a game, this can set up many "Blue-Eyes" Monster combos from the Graveyard, especially when combined with cards such as "The White Stone of Ancients" or "White Stone of Legend" to generate hand advantage (with Stone of Legend) or End Phase field advantage (with Stone of Ancients).

If running "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", Banish the first "Dark Matter Dragon" on the Field and use the effect of "Metal Dragon" to Special Summon the first "Galaxy-Eyes" Xyz Monster to Chaos Xyz Change into "Full Armor" and then "Dark Matter Dragon" to repeat the combination and effects twice in the same turn. This combination requires one or two "Full Armor Photon Dragons" and two "Dark Matter Dragons" in the Extra Deck, so it is not recommended to run this and "Neo Blue-Eyes" in multiples.

Common in both "Dragon Rulers" before their banning, "Hieratic" Rank 8 Deck builds or any Level 8 Deck running "Soul Charge" and effects like it.

Official Decks

Official Blue-Eyes Deck[2]
Blue-Eyes Spotlight Deck[3]


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