5Dx137 Bus

Blister's bus.

Blister's bus is a vehicle Blister salvaged from a scrapyard.


The bus was originally left in a scrapyard, but Blister had it recovered, and with the help of an officer, he installed a new ignition and gas gauge.[1]

During the evacuation of New Domino City, due to the Divine Temple's descent, Blister used the bus to drive the people staying at Martha's house to safety. The bus was unaffected by the power outages, as it did not run on Ener-D.[1]

5Dx137 On the bus

The people from the refuge on the bus.

In addition to Blister and Martha, the bus' occupants included Kaoru, Atsuko, Dr. Schmidt, Ginga, Taiga, Hikari, Kokoro, Daichi, Taka, and John, plus at least a dozen more kids. [1]


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