Blackwing - Etesian of Two Swords

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Blackwing - Etesian of Two Swords
English Blackwing - Etesian of Two Swords
German Schwarzflügel - Meltemi mit zwei Schwertern
Italian Alanera - Etesian delle Due Spade
Portuguese Asa Negra - Etesian das Duas Espadas
Spanish Alanegra - Etesian de las Dos Espadas
Japanese (kana) ブラックフェザー-にのたちのエテジア
Japanese (base) BF-二の太刀のエテジア
Japanese (rōmaji) Burakku Fezā - Ni no Tachi no Etejia
Japanese (translated) Black Feather - Etesian of Two Tachis
Attribute DARK DARK
Types Winged Beast / Effect
Level 3 CG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 400 / 1600
Passcode 78564023
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