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Black-Winged Dragon
5Dx095 Soar Black-Feather Dragon
Corresponding card
Japanese translated
  • Black-Feather Dragon

Signer Dragons

Anime debut
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Black-Winged Dragon (character)

Black-Winged Dragon, known as Black-Feather Dragon in the Japanese version is a servant of the Crimson Dragon, commonly referred to as Signer Dragons.

Its present day Signer is Crow Hogan, who obtained its card after finding it in a compartment in the Blackbird Duel Runner.[1]

It was not present when the Crimson Dragon battled the Earthbound Immortals. Life Stream Dragon was present instead.[2]


Battle with the Crimson Devil

5Dx113 Ancient battle

The Dragons battling Red Nova.

10,000 years before the present day events, Black-Winged Dragon, along with Ancient Fairy Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Stardust Dragon and the Crimson Dragon fought Red Nova[3]

Recent events

Robert Pearson used the card "Black-Winged Dragon" up until his death, at which point he had the card hidden in the Blackbird Duel Runner, which he passed on to Crow Hogan.[1][4]

Crow wagered the card in a Duel against Bolton while investigating Pearson's death, despite not having the card or knowing where it is.[4] During the Duel, Crow's Mark of the Dragon lit up and found the card in a hidden compartment. Crow used the dragon to win the Duel.[1]

Non-canon appearances


"Black-Winged Dragon" in Over the Nexus

Black-Winged Dragon appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus as a downloadable Ghost Duelist for December 2011.


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