"Believe x Believe" (Believeビリ×Believeビリ, read as Biri Biri) is the first Japanese opening theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, performed by Bullettrain. It debuted on April 6, 2014, and aired during episodes 1 to 30. It was replaced in episode 31 by "Burn!"

Recording Credits

  • Performed by: Bullettrain (超特急 Chōtokkyū)
  • Lyrics by: Takafumi Fujino (フジノタカフミ)
  • Composed by: Takafumi Fujino (フジノタカフミ)
  • Arranged by: MEG.ME
  • Record Label: SDR


Believe x Believe01:45

Believe x Believe


Lyrics (TV Size)

Believeビリーブ×Believeビリーブ ビリ・ビリ・ビリ Buddiesバディーズ

遊(You)ユー!スピードぜんかい ハラハラ Onオン the gameゲーム
DanダンDanダンDanダンDanダン DoneダンDoneダンDoneダンDoneダン
DanダンDanダンDanダンDanダン DoneダンDoneダンDoneダンDoneダン
れる ma ma ma mindマインド
たましいのペンデュラム きゅうきょくのコンフュージョン
しょうどうGotゴット itイット gotゴット itイット
しょうはガチガチ ほんレボリューション
Justジャスト breakinブレーキン' the wallウォール...×2)
Rideライド onオン nowナウ

Everybodyエブリバディ goinゴーインかべやぶれ!
You'reユア gonnaゴナ beatビート itイット beatビート
むげんだいのフューチャー まよいはぶっばぜ!
Makeメイク itイット Makeメイク itイット ゆうして(Breakブレイク itイット nowナウ
Stepステップ aheadアヘッドせよ(Doドゥ itイット nowナウ
たのしみはこれからだ!Soソウ だれもが Believerブリーバー!!

Believeビリーブ×Believeビリーブ ビリ・ビリ・ビリ Buddiesバディーズ

Birību × Birību biri-biri-biri Badīzu!

Yū! Kachi make janai saikyō no Kādo
Yū! Supīdo zenkai harahara On za gēmu
Dan-Dan-Dan-Dan Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan!
Dan-Dan-Dan-Dan Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan!
Yureru ma ma ma Maindo
Tamashī no pendyuramu kyūkyoku no konfyūjon
Shōdō ga Gotto itto gotto itto
Shōbu wa gachi gachi honki reboryūshon
(Jasuto burēkin' za wōru... x2)
Raido on nau!

Birību × Birību
Eburibadi gōin' kabe wo tsukiyabure!
Yua gona bīto itto bīto!
Mugendai no fyūchā mayoi wa buttobase!
Meiku itto Meiku itto yūki dashite (Bureiku itto nau)
Steppu aheddo! Fumidase yo (Du itto nau)
Otanoshimi wa kore kara da! So daremo ga Birībā!!

Birību × Birību biri-biri-biri Badīzu!


Duel Monsters

Card Appearance

Monster Appearance


  • The way this song's name is pronounced is a pun on "biribiri", an onomatopoeia for electricity sparking, as electricity can be heard several times in the song when the name is sung. This is also reflected in the PV's choreography, in which the members of the band dance as if they were being electrocuted when they sing "biribiri".
  • At the beginning of the video, Yuya's silhouette appears on four cards. This could be an early reference to him and his dimensional counterparts, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri.

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