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Beginner's Edition.1
  • Beginner's Edition 1



비기너즈 팩 1

Revised Romanization

Bigineojeu Paek 1


Beginner's Pack 1

Set information


  • BE1-JP (jp)
  • BP1-KR (kr)
Number of cards


Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • June 24, 2004
  • April 11, 2006

Beginner's Edition 1

Beginner's Edition.1 is a reprint set. Designed for beginners, every pack has 12 cards instead of the normal 9, and a "Tip Card". Each pack always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 Rares.

This set was released in the TCG as Dark Beginning 1.


  • Yugi Muto's appearance on the cover of this booster pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Duel 047: "The Silent Duelist!!".


12 cards per pack, 12 packs per box. Includes 250 cards, comprised of:



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Beginner's Edition.1
(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
BE1-JP001 Penguin Knight ペンギン・ナイト Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP002 Axe of Despair デーモンの斧 Rare Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP003 Black Pendant 黒いペンダント Rare Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP004 Horn of Light 光の角 Common Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP005 Malevolent Nuzzler 悪魔のくちづけ Common Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP006 Spellbinding Circle 六芒星の呪縛 Rare Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP007 Electric Snake エレクトリック・スネーク Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP008 Ameba アメーバ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP009 Maha Vailo マハー・ヴァイロ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP010 Minar イビー Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP011 Griggle グリグル Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP012 Hiro's Shadow Scout 悪魔の偵察者 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP013 Invader of the Throne 王座の侵略者 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP014 Slot Machine スロットマシーンAM-7 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP015 Relinquished サクリファイス Ritual Monster Super Rare
BE1-JP016 Red Archery Girl 弓を引くマーメイド Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP017 Gravekeeper's Servant 墓守の使い魔 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP018 Upstart Goblin 成金ゴブリン Common Spell Card
BE1-JP019 Toll 通行税 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP020 Final Destiny 最終戦争 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP021 Snatch Steal 強奪 Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP022 Chorus of Sanctuary 聖域の歌声 Common Field Spell Card
BE1-JP023 Confiscation 押収 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP024 Delinquent Duo いたずら好きな双子悪魔 Super Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP025 Fairy's Hand Mirror 天使の手鏡 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP026 Tailor of the Fickle 移り気な仕立屋 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BE1-JP027 Rush Recklessly 突進 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BE1-JP028 The Reliable Guardian 頼もしき守護者 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BE1-JP029 The Forceful Sentry 強引な番兵 Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP030 Chain Energy 魔力の枷 Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP031 Mystical Space Typhoon サイクロン Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
BE1-JP032 Giant Trunade ハリケーン Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP033 Painful Choice 苦渋の選択 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP034 Horn of the Unicorn 一角獣のホーン Common Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP035 Labyrinth Wall 迷宮壁-ラビリンス・ウォール- Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP036 Eternal Rest 成仏 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP037 Megamorph 巨大化 Super Rare Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP038 Manga Ryu-Ran トゥーン・ドラゴン・エッガー Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP039 Toon Mermaid トゥーン・マーメイド Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP040 Toon Summoned Skull トゥーン・デーモン Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP041 Hyozanryu ダイヤモンド・ドラゴン Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP042 Toon World トゥーン・ワールド Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP043 Cyber Jar サイバーポッド Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP044 Banisher of the Light 光の追放者 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP045 Giant Rat 巨大ネズミ Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP046 Senju of the Thousand Hands センジュ・ゴッド Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP047 UFO Turtle UFOタートル Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP048 Flash Assailant 秒殺の暗殺者 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP049 Karate Man カラテマン Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP050 Giant Germ ジャイアントウィルス Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP051 Nimble Momonga 素早いモモンガ Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP052 Shining Angel シャインエンジェル Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP053 Mother Grizzly グリズリーマザー Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP054 Flying Kamakiri #1 ドラゴンフライ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP055 Ceremonial Bell セレモニーベル Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP056 Sonic Bird ソニックバード Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP057 Mystic Tomato キラー・トマト Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP058 Kotodama コトダマ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP059 Gaia Power ガイアパワー Common Field Spell Card
BE1-JP060 Umiiruka ウォーターワールド Common Field Spell Card
BE1-JP061 Molten Destruction バーニングブラッド Common Field Spell Card
BE1-JP062 Rising Air Current デザートストーム Common Field Spell Card
BE1-JP063 Luminous Spark シャインスパーク Common Field Spell Card
BE1-JP064 Mystic Plasma Zone ダークゾーン Common Spell Card
BE1-JP065 Messenger of Peace 平和の使者 Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP066 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon ブルーアイズ・トゥーン・ドラゴン Super Rare Toon Monster
BE1-JP067 Jinzo 人造人間-サイコ・ショッカー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP068 Parasite Paracide 寄生虫パラサイド Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP069 Lightforce Sword 光の封札剣 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP070 Chain Destruction 連鎖破壊 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP071 Time Seal 刻の封印 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP072 Graverobber 墓荒らし Common Trap Card
BE1-JP073 Gift of the Mystical Elf ホーリー・エルフの祝福 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP074 The Eye of Truth 真実の眼 Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP075 Dust Tornado 砂塵の大竜巻 Rare Trap Card
BE1-JP076 Call of the Haunted リビングデッドの呼び声 Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP077 Enchanted Javelin ホーリージャベリン Common Trap Card
BE1-JP078 Mirror Wall 銀幕の鏡壁 Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP079 Numinous Healer 白衣の天使 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP080 Forced Requisition 強制接収 Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP081 DNA Surgery DNA 改造手術 Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP082 Backup Soldier 補充要員 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP083 Ceasefire 停戦協定 Super Rare Trap Card
BE1-JP084 Light of Intervention 聖なる輝き Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP085 Respect Play 正々堂々 Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP086 Imperial Order 王宮の勅命 Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP087 Magical Hats マジカルシルクハット Common Trap Card
BE1-JP088 Nobleman of Crossout 抹殺の使徒 Super Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP089 Nobleman of Extermination 撲滅の使徒 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP090 The Shallow Grave 浅すぎた墓穴 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP091 Premature Burial 早すぎた埋葬 Super Rare Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP092 Morphing Jar #2 カオスポッド Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP093 Kiseitai 精神寄生体 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP094 Harpie's Brother バードマン Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP095 Buster Blader バスター・ブレイダー Super Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP096 Dark Sage 黒衣の大賢者 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP097 Big Shield Gardna ビッグ・シールド・ガードナー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP098 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 青眼の白龍 Ultra Rare Normal Monster
BE1-JP099 Hitotsu-Me Giant サイクロプス Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP100 Flame Swordsman 炎の剣士 Rare Fusion Monster
BE1-JP101 Skull Servant ワイト Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP102 Dark Magician ブラック・マジシャン Ultra Rare Normal Monster
BE1-JP103 Gaia the Fierce Knight 暗黒騎士ガイア Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP104 Celtic Guardian エルフの剣士 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP105 Mammoth Graveyard マンモスの墓場 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP106 Silver Fang シルバー・フォング Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP107 Flame Manipulator 炎を操る者 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP108 Dark King of the Abyss 深淵の冥王 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP109 Aqua Madoor アクア・マドール Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP110 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman 伝説の剣豪 MASAKI Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP111 Dragon Capture Jar ドラゴン族・封印の壺 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP112 Umi Common Spell Card
BE1-JP113 Dark Hole ブラック・ホール Super Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP114 Raigeki サンダー・ボルト Ultra Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP115 Red Medicine レッド・ポーション Common Spell Card
BE1-JP116 Hinotama ファイヤー・ボール Common Spell Card
BE1-JP117 Fissure 地割れ Common Spell Card
BE1-JP118 Trap Hole 落とし穴 Rare Trap Card
BE1-JP119 Polymerization 融合 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP120 Mystical Elf ホーリー・エルフ Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP121 Beaver Warrior ルイーズ Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP122 Gaia the Dragon Champion 竜騎士ガイア Rare Fusion Monster
BE1-JP123 Curse of Dragon カース・オブ・ドラゴン Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP124 Giant Soldier of Stone 岩石の巨兵 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP125 Uraby ワイルド・ラプター Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP126 Red-Eyes B. Dragon 真紅眼の黒竜 Super Rare Normal Monster
BE1-JP127 Reaper of the Cards カードを狩る死神 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP128 Stop Defense 『守備』封じ Common Spell Card
BE1-JP129 Swords of Revealing Light 光の護封剣 Super Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP130 Armed Ninja 青い忍者 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP131 Man-Eater Bug 人喰い虫 Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP132 Hane-Hane ハネハネ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP133 Monster Reborn 死者蘇生 Ultra Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP134 Pot of Greed 強欲な壺 Super Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP135 Right Leg of the Forbidden One 封印されし者の右足 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP136 Left Leg of the Forbidden One 封印されし者の左足 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP137 Right Arm of the Forbidden One 封印されし者の右腕 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP138 Left Arm of the Forbidden One 封印されし者の左腕 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP139 Exodia the Forbidden One 封印されしエクゾディア Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP140 Feral Imp グレムリン Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP141 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 砦を守る翼竜 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP142 Summoned Skull デーモンの召喚 Super Rare Normal Monster
BE1-JP143 Armored Lizard 鎧蜥蜴 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP144 Larvae Moth ラーバモス Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP145 Harpie Lady ハーピィ・レディ Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP146 Harpie Lady Sisters ハーピィ・レディ三姉妹 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP147 Kojikocy 魔物の狩人 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP148 Cocoon of Evolution 進化の繭 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP149 Armored Zombie 鎧武者ゾンビ Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP150 Mask of Darkness 闇の仮面 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP151 White Magical Hat 白い泥棒 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP152 Big Eye 大王目玉 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP153 B. Skull Dragon ブラック・デーモンズ・ドラゴン Super Rare Fusion Monster
BE1-JP154 Masked Sorcerer 仮面魔道士 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP155 Petit Moth プチモス Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP156 Elegant Egotist 万華鏡 -華麗なる分身- Common Spell Card
BE1-JP157 Sanga of the Thunder 雷魔神-サンガ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP158 Kazejin 風魔神-ヒューガ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP159 Suijin 水魔神-スーガ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP160 Mystic Lamp 魔法のランプ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP161 Blast Juggler ミスター・ボンバー Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP162 Jinzo #7 人造人間7号 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP163 Magician of Faith 聖なる魔術師 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP164 Fake Trap 偽物のわな Common Trap Card
BE1-JP165 Tribute to the Doomed 死者への手向け Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP166 Soul Release 魂の解放 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP167 The Cheerful Coffin 陽気な葬儀屋 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP168 Change of Heart 心変わり Ultra Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP169 Makyura the Destructor 処刑人-マキュラ Super Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP170 Exchange エクスチェンジ Super Rare Spell Card
BE1-JP171 Minor Goblin Official ゴブリンの小役人 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP172 Gamble ギャンブル Common Trap Card
BE1-JP173 Attack and Receive 白兵戦 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP174 Solemn Wishes 神の恵み Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP175 Skull Invitation 死霊の誘い Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP176 Bubonic Vermin デスハムスター Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP177 Burning Land 燃えさかる大地 Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP178 Fairy Meteor Crush メテオ・ストライク Rare Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP179 Limiter Removal リミッター解除 Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
BE1-JP180 Rain of Mercy 恵みの雨 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP181 Monster Recovery モンスター回収 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BE1-JP182 Shift シフトチェンジ Common Trap Card
BE1-JP183 Dimensionhole ワーム・ホール Common Spell Card
BE1-JP184 Ground Collapse 地盤沈下 Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP185 Magic Drain マジック・ドレイン Rare Counter Trap Card
BE1-JP186 Infinite Dismissal メサイアの蟻地獄 Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP187 Gravity Bind グラヴィティ・バインド‐超重力の網‐ Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP188 Type Zero Magic Crusher 零式魔導粉砕機 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP189 Shadow of Eyes 誘惑のシャドウ Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP190 The Legendary Fisherman 伝説のフィッシャーマン Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP191 Sword Hunter ソードハンター Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP192 Drill Bug 穿孔虫 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP193 Deepsea Warrior 深海の戦士 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP194 Thousand-Eyes Idol 千眼の邪教神 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP195 Thousand-Eyes Restrict サウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
BE1-JP196 Hayabusa Knight 隼の騎士 Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP197 Bombardment Beetle 爆弾かめ虫 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP198 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 死の4つ星てんとう虫 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP199 Gradius 超時空戦闘機ビック・バイパー Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP200 Red-Moon Baby ヴァンパイア・ベビー Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP201 Mad Sword Beast 猛進する剣角獣 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP202 Goblin Attack Force ゴブリン突撃部隊 Super Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP203 The Fiend Megacyber 魔導ギガサイバー Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP204 Gearfried the Iron Knight 鉄の騎士 ギア・フリード Rare Effect Monster
BE1-JP205 Insect Barrier 虫除けバリアー Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP206 Swordsman of Landstar ランドスターの剣士 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP207 Humanoid Slime ヒューマノイド・スライム Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP208 Worm Drake ワームドレイク Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP209 Humanoid Worm Drake ヒューマノイド・ドレイク Common Fusion Monster
BE1-JP210 Revival Jam リバイバルスライム Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP211 Amphibian Beast 半魚獣・フィッシャービースト Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP212 Shining Abyss シャイン・アビス Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP213 Grand Tiki Elder 仮面呪術師カースド・ギュラ Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP214 The Masked Beast 仮面魔獣マスクド・ヘルレイザー Super Rare Ritual Monster
BE1-JP215 Melchid the Four-Face Beast メルキド四面獣 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP216 Nuvia the Wicked 女邪神ヌヴィア Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP217 Chosen One 選ばれし者 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP218 Mask of Weakness 弱体化の仮面 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP219 Curse of the Masked Beast 仮面魔獣の儀式 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP220 Mask of Dispel 魔力無力化の仮面 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP221 Mask of Restrict 生贄封じの仮面 Common Trap Card
BE1-JP222 Mask of the Accursed 呪魂の仮面 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP223 Mask of Brutality 凶暴化の仮面 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP224 Return of the Doomed 死者の生還 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP225 Lightning Blade 稲妻の剣 Common Spell Card
BE1-JP226 Tornado Wall 竜巻海流壁 Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP227 Fairy Box モンスターBOX Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP228 Torrential Tribute 激流葬 Ultra Rare Trap Card
BE1-JP229 Jam Breeding Machine スライム増殖炉 Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP230 Infinite Cards 無限の手札 Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP231 Jam Defender ディフェンド・スライム Common Continuous Trap Card
BE1-JP232 Card of Safe Return 生還の宝札 Common Continuous Spell Card
BE1-JP233 Amazoness Archer アマゾネスの射手 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP234 Fire Princess ビッグバンガール Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP235 Spirit of the Breeze そよ風の精霊 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP236 Dancing Fairy 踊る妖精 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP237 Cure Mermaid プリンセス人魚 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP238 Hysteric Fairy ヒステリック天使 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP239 The Forgiving Maiden 慈悲深き修道女 Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP240 St. Joan 聖女ジャンヌ Common Fusion Monster
BE1-JP241 Marie the Fallen One 堕天使マリー Common Effect Monster
BE1-JP242 Jar of Greed 強欲な瓶 Rare Trap Card
BE1-JP243 Scroll of Bewitchment 幻惑の巻物 Common Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP244 United We Stand 団結の力 Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP245 Mage Power 魔導師の力 Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
BE1-JP246 The Portrait's Secret 絵画に潜む者 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP247 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams 夢魔の亡霊 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP248 Headless Knight 首なし騎士 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP249 Earthbound Spirit 地縛霊 Common Normal Monster
BE1-JP250 The Earl of Demise 死霊伯爵 Common Normal Monster

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