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Beginner's Edition 2
  • Beginner's Edition 2




Set information


  • BE2-JP (jp)
  • BP2-KR (kr)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • December 9, 2004
  • September 28, 2006

Beginner's Edition 2

Beginner's Edition 2 is a reprint set. Designed for beginners, every pack has 12 cards instead of the normal 9, and a "Tip Card". Each pack always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 Rares.

This set was released in the TCG as Dark Beginning 2.


Includes 250 cards, comprised of:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
BE2-JP001 Jowgen the Spiritualist しょうれいじゅつ ジョウゲン Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP002 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer れいめつじゅつ カイクウ Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP003 Bazoo the Soul-Eater たましいらうもの バズー Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP004 Dark Necrofear ダーク・ネクロフィア Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP005 Soul of Purity and Light 神聖なる魂ホーリーシャイン・ソウル Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP006 Aqua Spirit みずせいれい アクエリア Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP007 The Rock Spirit いわせいれい タイタン Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP008 Gilasaurus しゅんそくのギラザウルス Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP009 Tornado Bird トルネード・バード Common Flip monster
BE2-JP010 Zombyra the Dark ダーク・ヒーロー ゾンバイア Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP011 Maryokutai りょくきゅうしゅうきゅうたい Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP012 The Last Warrior from Another Planet せいさいしゅうせん Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BE2-JP013 Dark Spirit of the Silent ちんもく邪悪霊ダーク・スピリット Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP014 Royal Command おうきゅうごうれい Rare Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP015 Riryoku Field フォースフィールド Rare Counter Trap Card
BE2-JP016 Skull Lair りょう Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP017 Graverobber's Retribution はからしのむく Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP018 Destruction Punch カウンターパンチ Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP019 Blind Destruction べつかい Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP020 The Emperor's Holiday はだかおうさま Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP021 Destiny Board ウィジャばん Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP022 Spirit Message "I" のメッセージ「イー Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP023 Spirit Message "N" のメッセージ「エー Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP024 Spirit Message "A" のメッセージ「ティー Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP025 Spirit Message "L" のメッセージ「エッチ Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP026 The Dark Door あんこくとびら Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP027 Spiritualism ポルターガイスト Rare Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP028 Cyclon Laser サイクロンレーザー Common Equip Spell Card
BE2-JP029 De-Fusion ゆうごうかいじょ Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BE2-JP030 Fusion Gate フュージョン・ゲート Rare Field Spell Card
BE2-JP031 Ekibyo Drakmord えきびょうウィルス ブラックダスト Common Equip Spell Card
BE2-JP032 Miracle Dig せきはっくつ Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP033 Vengeful Bog Spirit おんりょう湿しったい Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP034 Blade Knight ブレイドナイト Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP035 Baby Dragon ベビードラゴン Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP036 Blackland Fire Dragon あんこく竜王ドラゴン Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP037 Battle Steer ぎゅうじん Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP038 Time Wizard ときじゅつ Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP039 Saggi the Dark Clown やみどうのサギー Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP040 Dragon Piper つぼじん Common Flip monster
BE2-JP041 Illusionist Faceless Mage 幻想師イリュージョニスト・ノー・フェイス Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP042 Sangan クリッター Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP043 Great Moth グレート・モス Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP044 Kuriboh クリボー Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP045 Thousand Dragon 千年竜サウザンド・ドラゴン Common Fusion Monster
BE2-JP046 King of Yamimakai やみかいおう Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP047 Catapult Turtle カタパルト・タートル Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP048 Mystic Horseman ケンタウロス Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP049 Rabid Horseman ミノケンタウロス Common Fusion Monster
BE2-JP050 Crass Clown マーダーサーカス Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP051 Dream Clown ドリーム・ピエロ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP052 Princess of Tsurugi つるぎじょおう Common Flip monster
BE2-JP053 Tremendous Fire えんごく Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP054 Jirai Gumo らい Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP055 Shadow Ghoul シャドウ・グール Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP056 Ryu-Kishin Powered ガーゴイル・パワード Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP057 Launcher Spider TM-1ランチャースパイダー Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP058 Thunder Dragon サンダー・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP059 The Immortal of Thunder かみなりせんにん Common Flip monster
BE2-JP060 Hoshiningen スーパースター Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP061 Cannon Soldier キャノン ・ ソルジャー Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP062 Muka Muka ムカムカ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP063 The Bistro Butcher 悪魔の調理師デビル・コック Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP064 Star Boy スター・ボーイ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP065 Milus Radiant ミリス・レディエント Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP066 Witch of the Black Forest くろもりのウィッチ Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP067 Little Chimera リトル・キメラ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP068 Bladefly ブレードフライ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP069 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon そうとう雷龍サンダー・ドラゴン Common Fusion Monster
BE2-JP070 Witch's Apprentice ならじょ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP071 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts げんじゅうおうガゼル Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP072 Barrel Dragon リボルバー・ドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP073 Solemn Judgment かみせんこく Super Rare Counter Trap Card
BE2-JP074 Magic Jammer マジック・ジャマー Super Rare Counter Trap Card
BE2-JP075 Seven Tools of the Bandit とうぞくななどう Super Rare Counter Trap Card
BE2-JP076 Horn of Heaven しょうてんつのぶえ Rare Counter Trap Card
BE2-JP077 Shield & Sword みぎたてひだりけん Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP078 Block Attack こうげきふう Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP079 The Unhappy Maiden はっこうしょうじょ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP080 Robbin' Goblin ぎゴブリン Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP081 Mirror Force せいなるバリア -ミラーフォース- Super Rare Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP082 Ring of Magnetism りょくゆび Rare Equip Spell Card
BE2-JP083 Share the Pain いた Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP084 Heavy Storm おおあらし Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP085 Wattkid エレキッズ Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP086 Soul of the Pure てん使 Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP087 Dark-Piercing Light やみをかきひかり Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP088 The Statue of Easter Island イースターとうのモアイ Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP089 Shining Friendship フレンドシップ Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP090 The Wicked Worm Beast じゃあくなるワーム・ビースト Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP091 Tiger Axe タイガー・アックス Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP092 Axe Raider アックス・レイダー Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP093 Mechanicalchaser メカ・ハンター Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP094 Gemini Elf ヂェミナイ・エルフ Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP095 Graceful Charity てん使ほどこ Rare Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP096 Two-Headed King Rex とうつキング・レックス Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP097 Goddess with the Third Eye しんがんがみ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP098 Lord of the Lamp ランプのじん Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP099 Machine King かいおう Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP100 Cyber-Stein デビル・フランケン Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP101 Dragon Seeker 竜殺者ドラゴン・キラー Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP102 Needle Worm ニードルワーム Common Flip monster
BE2-JP103 Greenkappa ドッペルゲンガー Common Flip monster
BE2-JP104 Morphing Jar メタモルポット Rare Flip monster
BE2-JP105 Penguin Soldier ペンギン・ソルジャー Rare Flip monster
BE2-JP106 Royal Decree おうきゅうのお Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP107 Magical Thorn りょくとげ Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP108 Restructer Revolution かくめい Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP109 Fusion Sage ゆうごうけんじゃ Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP110 Total Defense Shogun ぜったいぼうぎょしょうぐん Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP111 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight しっぷうあんこくガイア Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP112 Obnoxious Celtic Guard ほんろうするエルフのけん Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP113 Luminous Soldier たいようせん Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP114 Command Knight コマンド・ナイト Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP115 Kaiser Sea Horse カイザー・シーホース Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP116 Vampire Lord ヴァンパイア・ロード Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP117 Toon Goblin Attack Force トゥーン・ゴブリンとつげきたい Common Toon monster
BE2-JP118 Toon Cannon Soldier トゥーン・キャノン・ソルジャー Common Toon monster
BE2-JP119 Toon Gemini Elf トゥーン・ヂェミナイ・エルフ Common Toon monster
BE2-JP120 Toon Masked Sorcerer トゥーン・めんどう Common Toon monster
BE2-JP121 Toon Table of Contents トゥーンのもくじ Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP122 Toon Defense トゥーン・ディフェンス Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP123 Insect Queen インセクト女王クイーン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP124 Dark Ruler Ha Des めいかいおう ハ・デス Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP125 Dark Balter the Terrible じん ダーク・バルター Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BE2-JP126 Lesser Fiend レッサー・デーモン Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP127 Possessed Dark Soul ひょうするブラッド・ソウル Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP128 Winged Minion ハ・デスの使つか Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP129 Skull Knight #2 スカル・ナイト Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP130 Twin-Headed Wolf ツインヘッド・ケルベロス Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP131 Opticlops レッド・サイクロプス Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP132 Bark of Dark Ruler めいおうほうこう Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP133 Fatal Abacus 死の演算盤デス・カリキュレーター Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP134 The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler めいかいりゅうぐつじゅつ Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP135 Soul Demolition 魂粉砕ソウル・クラッシュ Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP136 Double Snare ダブルトラップ Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP137 Freed the Matchless General 無敗將軍ジェネラル フリード Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP138 Marauding Captain たいちょう Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP139 Ryu Senshi ドラゴン・ウォリアー Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BE2-JP140 Warrior Dai Grepher せんダイ・グレファー Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP141 Mysterious Guard せいなるまも Common Flip monster
BE2-JP142 Frontier Wiseman へんきょうだいけんじゃ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP143 Exiled Force ならずものようへいたい Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP144 Shadow Tamer デーモン・テイマー Common Flip monster
BE2-JP145 Dragon Manipulator ドラゴン・ライダー Common Flip monster
BE2-JP146 The A. Forces れんごうぐん Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP147 Reinforcement of the Army ぞうえん Rare Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP148 Array of Revealing Light ひかりふうじん Common Field Spell Card
BE2-JP149 The Warrior Returning Alive せんせいかん Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP150 Emergency Provisions じょうしょく Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
BE2-JP151 Tyrant Dragon タイラント・ドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP152 Spear Dragon スピア・ドラゴン Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP153 Spirit Ryu スピリット・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP154 Fiend Skull Dragon デス・デーモン・ドラゴン Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BE2-JP155 Cave Dragon グランド・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP156 Gray Wing グレイ・ウイング Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP157 Troop Dragon 軍隊竜アーミー・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP158 The Dragon's Bead ドラゴンのほうじゅ Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP159 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon きょりゅうばたき Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP160 Dragon's Gunfire りゅうえんだん Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP161 Stamping Destruction スタンピング・クラッシュ Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP162 Super Rejuvenation ちょうさいせいのうりょく Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BE2-JP163 Dragon's Rage りゅうげきりん Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP164 Burst Breath バーストブレス Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP165 Luster Dragon #2 エメラルド・ドラゴン Common Normal Monster
BE2-JP166 Fiber Jar ファイバーポッド Rare Flip monster
BE2-JP167 Serpentine Princess ナーガ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP168 Patrician of Darkness ノーブル・ド・ノワール Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP169 Thunder Nyan Nyan らいでんにゃんにゃん Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP170 Gradius' Option オプション Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP171 Injection Fairy Lily ちゅうしゃてん使リリー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP172 Woodland Sprite リーフ・フェアリー Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP173 Airknight Parshath 天空騎士エンジェルナイトパーシアス Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP174 Twin-Headed Behemoth ドル・ドラ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP175 Maharaghi Common Spirit monster
BE2-JP176 Inaba White Rabbit 因幡之白兔イナバノシロウサギ Common Spirit monster
BE2-JP177 Yata-Garasu 八汰烏ヤタガラス Common Spirit monster
BE2-JP178 Susa Soldier 雷帝神スサノオ Super Rare Spirit monster
BE2-JP179 Yamata Dragon 八俣大蛇ヤマタノドラゴン Super Rare Spirit monster
BE2-JP180 Great Long Nose 偉大天狗グレート・テング Common Spirit monster
BE2-JP181 Otohime Common Spirit monster
BE2-JP182 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi 火之迦具土ヒノカグツチ Ultra Rare Spirit monster
BE2-JP183 Asura Priest Common Spirit monster
BE2-JP184 Fushi No Tori Common Spirit monster
BE2-JP185 Spring of Rebirth エレメントのいずみ Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP186 Heart of Clear Water めいきょうすいこころ Common Equip Spell Card
BE2-JP187 A Legendary Ocean でんせつみやこ アトランティス Common Field Spell Card
BE2-JP188 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade ゆうごうムラサメブレード Common Equip Spell Card
BE2-JP189 Smoke Grenade of the Thief 盗人ぬすっとけむりだま Common Equip Spell Card
BE2-JP190 Creature Swap きょうせいてん Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP191 Spiritual Energy Settle Machine れいエネルギーていそう Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP192 Second Coin Toss セカンド・チャンス Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP193 Convulsion of Nature てんぺん Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP194 The Secret of the Bandit とうぞくごく Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP195 After the Struggle ジェノサイド・ウォー Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP196 Magic Reflector マジック ・ ガードナー Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP197 Blast with Chain くさり爆弾ダイナマイト Rare Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP198 Disappear ロスト Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP199 Bubble Crash バブル・クラッシュ Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP200 Royal Oppression おうきゅうだんあつ Rare Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP201 Bottomless Trap Hole らくとしあな Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP202 Bad Reaction to Simochi シモッチによるふくよう Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP203 Ominous Fortunetelling きつうらな Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP204 Spirit's Invitation スピリットのいざな Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP205 Drop Off はたきとし Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP206 Last Turn ラストバトル! Rare Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP207 King Tiger Wanghu おうワンフー Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP208 Birdface バード・フェイス Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP209 Kryuel クルーエル Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP210 Arsenal Bug アーマード・フライ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP211 Maiden of the Aqua うながみ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP212 Jowls of Dark Demise X・E・N・Oゼノ Common Flip monster
BE2-JP213 Mucus Yolk グラッジ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP214 Moisture Creature モイスチャーせいじん Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP215 Gora Turtle ゴラ・タートル Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP216 Sasuke Samurai いっとうりょうだんざむらい Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP217 Dark Dust Spirit じんあくりょう Common Spirit monster
BE2-JP218 Royal Keeper おうぞくしんえいたい Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP219 Wandering Mummy さまようミイラ Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP220 Great Dezard だいしんかんデ・ザード Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP221 Swarm of Scarabs スカラベのたいぐん Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP222 Swarm of Locusts イナゴのぐんぜい Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP223 Giant Axe Mummy ジャイアントマミー Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP224 Guardian Sphinx 守護者ガーディアンスフィンクス Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP225 Pyramid Turtle ピラミッド・タートル Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP226 Dice Jar ダイス・ポット Common Flip monster
BE2-JP227 Dark Scorpion Burglars くろさそりとうくつだん Common Effect Monster
BE2-JP228 Don Zaloog ・ザルーグ Super Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP229 Fushioh Richie 不死王ノスフェラトゥリッチー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP230 Book of Life せいじゃしょきんだんじゅじゅつ Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP231 Book of Taiyou たいようしょ Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP232 Book of Moon つきしょ Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BE2-JP233 Mirage of Nightmare あくしんろう Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP234 Secret Pass to the Treasures ざいほうへのかくつう Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP235 Call of the Mummy ミイラのごえ Common Continuous Spell Card
BE2-JP236 Timidity おくびょうかぜ Common Normal Spell Card
BE2-JP237 Pyramid Energy ピラミッドパワー Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BE2-JP238 Tutan Mask ツタンめん Common Counter Trap Card
BE2-JP239 Ordeal of a Traveler たびびとれん Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP240 Bottomless Shifting Sand そこなしりゅう Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP241 Curse of Royal おうのろ Common Counter Trap Card
BE2-JP242 Needle Ceiling つりてんじょう Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP243 Statue of the Wicked おうごんじゃしんぞう Rare Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP244 Dark Coffin のろわれたひつぎ Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP245 Needle Wall ニードル・ウォール Common Continuous Trap Card
BE2-JP246 Trap Dustshoot ダスト・シュート Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP247 Reckless Greed ぼうよく Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP248 Pharaoh's Treasure おうざいほう Common Normal Trap Card
BE2-JP249 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth きゅうきょくかんぜんたい・グレート・モス Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BE2-JP250 Black Illusion Ritual イリュージョンのしき Common Ritual Spell Card

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
BP2-KR001 Jowgen the Spiritualist 승령술사 조겐 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR002 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 영멸술사 카이쿠 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR003 Bazoo the Soul-Eater 혼을 먹는 바즈 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR004 Dark Necrofear 다크 네크로피어 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR005 Soul of Purity and Light Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR006 Aqua Spirit 물의 정령 아쿠에리어 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR007 The Rock Spirit Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR008 Gilasaurus Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR009 Tornado Bird Common Flip monster
BP2-KR010 Zombyra the Dark 다크 히어로 존바이어 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR011 Maryokutai 마력흡수구체 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR012 The Last Warrior from Another Planet 혹성의 마지막 전사 Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BP2-KR013 Dark Spirit of the Silent Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR014 Royal Command Rare Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR015 Riryoku Field Rare Counter Trap Card
BP2-KR016 Skull Lair 사령의소굴 Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR017 Graverobber's Retribution Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR018 Destruction Punch 카운터 펀치 Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR019 Blind Destruction 무차별파괴 Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR020 The Emperor's Holiday Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR021 Destiny Board 위저 보드 Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR022 Spirit Message "I" Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR023 Spirit Message "N" Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR024 Spirit Message "A" Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR025 Spirit Message "L" Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR026 The Dark Door Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR027 Spiritualism Rare Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR028 Cyclon Laser 싸이크론 레이저 Common Equip Spell Card
BP2-KR029 De-Fusion 융합 해제 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BP2-KR030 Fusion Gate 퓨전 게이트 Rare Field Spell Card
BP2-KR031 Ekibyo Drakmord 바이러스 블랙 더스트 Common Equip Spell Card
BP2-KR032 Miracle Dig 기적의 발굴 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR033 Vengeful Bog Spirit Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR034 Blade Knight 블레이드 나이트 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR035 Baby Dragon 베이비 드래곤 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR036 Blackland Fire Dragon 암흑의 드래곤왕 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR037 Battle Steer 황소마인 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR038 Time Wizard 시간의 마술사 Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR039 Saggi the Dark Clown 어둠의 어릿광대 사기 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR040 Dragon Piper 항아리 마인 Common Flip monster
BP2-KR041 Illusionist Faceless Mage 환술사 노페이스 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR042 Sangan 크리터 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR043 Great Moth 그레이트 모스 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR044 Kuriboh 크리보 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR045 Thousand Dragon 천년룡 Common Fusion Monster
BP2-KR046 King of Yamimakai 암흑계의 폐왕 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR047 Catapult Turtle 중강갑 거북 Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR048 Mystic Horseman 켄타우로스 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR049 Rabid Horseman 미노켄타우로스 Common Fusion Monster
BP2-KR050 Crass Clown 머더 서커스 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR051 Dream Clown 드림삐에로 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR052 Princess of Tsurugi 검의 여왕 Common Flip monster
BP2-KR053 Tremendous Fire 화염 지옥 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR054 Jirai Gumo 지뢰거미 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR055 Shadow Ghoul 섀도우 구울 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR056 Ryu-Kishin Powered 마력을 얻은 가고일 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR057 Launcher Spider TM-1 런처 스파이더 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR058 Thunder Dragon 썬더 드래곤 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR059 The Immortal of Thunder 번개 신선 Common Flip monster
BP2-KR060 Hoshiningen 슈퍼 스타 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR061 Cannon Soldier 캐논 솔저 Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR062 Muka Muka 무카무카 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR063 The Bistro Butcher 악마의 조리사 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR064 Star Boy 스타 보이 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR065 Milus Radiant 미리스 레디언트 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR066 Witch of the Black Forest 검은숲의 마녀 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR067 Little Chimera 리틀 키메라 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR068 Bladefly 브레이드 플라이 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR069 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon 두 머리의 썬더 드래곤 Common Fusion Monster
BP2-KR070 Witch's Apprentice 견습 마녀 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR071 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts 환상수왕 가젤 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR072 Barrel Dragon 속사포 드래곤 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR073 Solemn Judgment 신의 심판 Super Rare Counter Trap Card
BP2-KR074 Magic Jammer 매직 재머 Super Rare Counter Trap Card
BP2-KR075 Seven Tools of the Bandit 도적의 7가지 도구 Super Rare Counter Trap Card
BP2-KR076 Horn of Heaven 승천의 뿔피리 Rare Counter Trap Card
BP2-KR077 Shield & Sword 오른손엔 방패 왼손엔 검 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR078 Block Attack 공격봉인 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR079 The Unhappy Maiden 불행한 소녀 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR080 Robbin' Goblin 로빈 고블린 Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR081 Mirror Force 성스러운 방어막 거울의 힘 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR082 Ring of Magnetism 자력의 반지 Rare Equip Spell Card
BP2-KR083 Share the Pain 고통분담 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR084 Heavy Storm 태풍 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR085 Wattkid Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR086 Soul of the Pure Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR087 Dark-Piercing Light 어둠을 없애는 빛 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR088 The Statue of Easter Island Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR089 Shining Friendship Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR090 The Wicked Worm Beast Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR091 Tiger Axe Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR092 Axe Raider 엑스 레이더 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR093 Mechanicalchaser 메카 헌터 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR094 Gemini Elf 쌍둥이 자매 엘프 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR095 Graceful Charity 천사의 자비 Rare Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR096 Two-Headed King Rex 두 머리의 킹렉스 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR097 Goddess with the Third Eye Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR098 Lord of the Lamp Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR099 Machine King 기계왕 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR100 Cyber-Stein 데블 프랑켄 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR101 Dragon Seeker Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR102 Needle Worm 니들 웜 Common Flip monster
BP2-KR103 Greenkappa Common Flip monster
BP2-KR104 Morphing Jar 메타모르 포트 Rare Flip monster
BP2-KR105 Penguin Soldier 펭귄 솔저 Rare Flip monster
BP2-KR106 Royal Decree 왕궁의 포고령 Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR107 Magical Thorn Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR108 Restructer Revolution Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR109 Fusion Sage 융합 현자 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR110 Total Defense Shogun Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR111 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR112 Obnoxious Celtic Guard 번롱하는 엘프 검사 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR113 Luminous Soldier 태양의 전사 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR114 Command Knight 커맨드 나이트 Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR115 Kaiser Sea Horse 카이저 씨호스 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR116 Vampire Lord 뱀파이어 로드 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR117 Toon Goblin Attack Force 툰 고블린의 돌격 부대 Common Toon monster
BP2-KR118 Toon Cannon Soldier 툰 캐논 솔저 Common Toon monster
BP2-KR119 Toon Gemini Elf 툰쌍둥이자매엘프 Common Toon monster
BP2-KR120 Toon Masked Sorcerer Common Toon monster
BP2-KR121 Toon Table of Contents 툰 목차 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR122 Toon Defense Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR123 Insect Queen Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR124 Dark Ruler Ha Des 명계의 마왕 하데스 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR125 Dark Balter the Terrible Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BP2-KR126 Lesser Fiend 레서 데몬 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR127 Possessed Dark Soul 빙의하는 블러드 소울 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR128 Winged Minion Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR129 Skull Knight #2 스컬 나이트 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR130 Twin-Headed Wolf Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR131 Opticlops Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR132 Bark of Dark Ruler Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR133 Fatal Abacus Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR134 The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler 명계의 괴뢰술 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR135 Soul Demolition Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR136 Double Snare Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR137 Freed the Matchless General 무적장군 프리드 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR138 Marauding Captain 선봉 대장 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR139 Ryu Senshi 드래곤 워리어 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BP2-KR140 Warrior Dai Grepher 전사 다이 그레퍼 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR141 Mysterious Guard 성스러운 파수꾼 Common Flip monster
BP2-KR142 Frontier Wiseman 변경의 대현자 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR143 Exiled Force 반란 용병 부대 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR144 Shadow Tamer 데몬 테이머 Common Flip monster
BP2-KR145 Dragon Manipulator Common Flip monster
BP2-KR146 The A. Forces 연합군 Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR147 Reinforcement of the Army 증원 Rare Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR148 Array of Revealing Light 빛의 호봉진 Common Field Spell Card
BP2-KR149 The Warrior Returning Alive 전사의 생환 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR150 Emergency Provisions 비상 식량 Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
BP2-KR151 Tyrant Dragon 타이란트 드래곤 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR152 Spear Dragon 스피어 드래곤 Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR153 Spirit Ryu Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR154 Fiend Skull Dragon 데스 데몬 드래곤 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
BP2-KR155 Cave Dragon Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR156 Gray Wing 그레이 윙 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR157 Troop Dragon Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR158 The Dragon's Bead Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR159 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon 거룡의 도약 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR160 Dragon's Gunfire Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR161 Stamping Destruction Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR162 Super Rejuvenation 초재생능력 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BP2-KR163 Dragon's Rage Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR164 Burst Breath 버스트 브레스 Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR165 Luster Dragon #2 에머랄드 드래곤 Common Normal Monster
BP2-KR166 Fiber Jar 파이버 포드 Rare Flip monster
BP2-KR167 Serpentine Princess Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR168 Patrician of Darkness Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR169 Thunder Nyan Nyan Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR170 Gradius' Option 옵션 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR171 Injection Fairy Lily 주사천사 리리 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR172 Woodland Sprite Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR173 Airknight Parshath 천공기사 파샤스 Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR174 Twin-Headed Behemoth 돌도라 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR175 Maharaghi 마하라기 Common Spirit monster
BP2-KR176 Inaba White Rabbit Common Spirit monster
BP2-KR177 Yata-Garasu 야타 까마귀 Common Spirit monster
BP2-KR178 Susa Soldier Super Rare Spirit monster
BP2-KR179 Yamata Dragon 야마타 드래곤 Super Rare Spirit monster
BP2-KR180 Great Long Nose Common Spirit monster
BP2-KR181 Otohime 용궁지희 Common Spirit monster
BP2-KR182 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi 화지가구토 Ultra Rare Spirit monster
BP2-KR183 Asura Priest 아수라 Common Spirit monster
BP2-KR184 Fushi No Tori Common Spirit monster
BP2-KR185 Spring of Rebirth Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR186 Heart of Clear Water Common Equip Spell Card
BP2-KR187 A Legendary Ocean 전설의 도시 아틀란티스 Common Field Spell Card
BP2-KR188 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade Common Equip Spell Card
BP2-KR189 Smoke Grenade of the Thief 도둑의 연막탄 Common Equip Spell Card
BP2-KR190 Creature Swap 강제전이 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR191 Spiritual Energy Settle Machine Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR192 Second Coin Toss 세컨드 찬스 Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR193 Convulsion of Nature 천재지변 Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR194 The Secret of the Bandit 도적의 비밀 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR195 After the Struggle 제노사이드 워 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR196 Magic Reflector 매직 가드너 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR197 Blast with Chain 쇠사슬 폭탄 Rare Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR198 Disappear 로스트 Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR199 Bubble Crash Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR200 Royal Oppression 왕궁의 탄압 Rare Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR201 Bottomless Trap Hole 나락의 함정 속으로 Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR202 Bad Reaction to Simochi Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR203 Ominous Fortunetelling Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR204 Spirit's Invitation 스피릿의 권유 Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR205 Drop Off Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR206 Last Turn Rare Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR207 King Tiger Wanghu 왕호 왕후 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR208 Birdface Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR209 Kryuel Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR210 Arsenal Bug 아머드 플라이 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR211 Maiden of the Aqua Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR212 Jowls of Dark Demise X・E・N・O Common Flip monster
BP2-KR213 Mucus Yolk Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR214 Moisture Creature Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR215 Gora Turtle Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR216 Sasuke Samurai 일도양단 사무라이 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR217 Dark Dust Spirit 모래 먼지의 악령 Common Spirit monster
BP2-KR218 Royal Keeper 왕족친위대 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR219 Wandering Mummy Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR220 Great Dezard Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR221 Swarm of Scarabs 스캐럽 대군 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR222 Swarm of Locusts 메뚜기 군세 Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR223 Giant Axe Mummy Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR224 Guardian Sphinx 가디언 스핑크스 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR225 Pyramid Turtle 피라미드 터틀 Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR226 Dice Jar 다이스 포트 Common Flip monster
BP2-KR227 Dark Scorpion Burglars Common Effect Monster
BP2-KR228 Don Zaloog 돈 잘우그 Super Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR229 Fushioh Richie Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR230 Book of Life 생자의 서-금단의 주술- Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR231 Book of Taiyou 태양의 서 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR232 Book of Moon 달의 서 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BP2-KR233 Mirage of Nightmare Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR234 Secret Pass to the Treasures Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR235 Call of the Mummy 미라가 부르는 소리 Common Continuous Spell Card
BP2-KR236 Timidity 겁쟁이 Common Normal Spell Card
BP2-KR237 Pyramid Energy Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BP2-KR238 Tutan Mask 투탄 가면 Common Counter Trap Card
BP2-KR239 Ordeal of a Traveler 여행자의 시련 Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR240 Bottomless Shifting Sand Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR241 Curse of Royal 왕가의 저주 Common Counter Trap Card
BP2-KR242 Needle Ceiling Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR243 Statue of the Wicked 황금의사신상 Rare Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR244 Dark Coffin 저주받은 관 Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR245 Needle Wall Common Continuous Trap Card
BP2-KR246 Trap Dustshoot 더스트 슛 Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR247 Reckless Greed 무모한 욕심쟁이 Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR248 Pharaoh's Treasure Common Normal Trap Card
BP2-KR249 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth 궁극완전체 그레이트 모스 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
BP2-KR250 Black Illusion Ritual 환술의 의식 Common Ritual Spell Card

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