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From left to right: "Beetron-3 Spider Base", "Beetron-1 Beetletop" and "Beetron-2 Beetleturbo".

  • ビートロン
  • Bītoron (romanized)

Anime appearances

"Beetron" (ビートロン Bītoron) is a series of EARTH-Attribute, Machine-Type monsters that appeared in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. They were used by Chazz Princeton during his second Duel against Bastion Misawa and his Duel against Blair Flannigan. Similiar to the "A-to-Z" cards, two of them are Union Monsters and the three monsters can be fused without "Polymerization".



# Beetron Origin
1 Beetletop Hercules beetle
2 Beetleturbo Stag beetle
3 Spider Base Spider


Monster Summon method
Assault Cannon Beetle Contact Fusion
Combat Scissor Beetle Front Change

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