Beatdown is a strategy which utilizes monsters with high ATK to overpower the opponent. It is one of the oldest Deck types.

Beatdown Decks often aim to force the opponent into defense, and to destroy their monsters and Life Points as quickly as possible. Counter Traps such as "Trap Jammer" are used to avoid Traps the opponent may use to stop the monsters. "Nobleman of Crossout" is used to get rid of face-down monsters the opponent may Set.

Anti-Meta Beatdown is a beatdown strategy that uses powerful monsters in a way that counters common Metagame strategies. They avoid Special Summoning in favor of Normal Summoning powerful 1900/2000 ATK monsters. They make use of many monster destruction cards. Likewise, monsters that have high ATK for their Level, such as "Meklord Emperor Wisel", would fit exceptionally well in this strategy.

Some of the most powerful Beatdown Decks include Geartown Turbo, Miracle Gemini, and Rock Stun.

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