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"Batteryman C" and "Batteryman AA", in the artwork of "Recycling Batteries".

  • (でん)()メン
  • 電池メン (kanji)
  • でんちメン (furigana)
  • Denchimen (rōmaji)
  • Batterymen (translated)


  • Homme-Batterie


  • Batteriemann


  • Uomo Batteria


  • 전지맨
  • Jeonjimaen (romanized)


  • Homembateria


  • Hombre Bateria


Anime appearances

"Batteryman" ((でん)()メン Denchimen "Batterymen") is the first Thunder archetype. Initially, "Batteryman" Decks were OTK Decks that focused on Special Summoning three copies of "Batteryman AA" and using "Short Circuit" to clear the field for a direct attack for a minimum of 9000 damage. In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Dexter's Deck contained at least one member of this archetype, "Batteryman AA".

Playing Style

Due to Batteryman support cards that deal massive destruction capabilities (Short Circuit, Makiu, the Magical Mist, Batteryman Industrial Strength, etc.), it is not a concern for your opponent to have a packed field. Batteryman AA is the main card in a Batteryman deck because getting three of it out means three 3000 ATK beatsticks which can potentially win you the Duel as a result of an OTK. Batteryman Micro-Cell is usually used to set up a free Special Summon from the deck, usually Batteryman AA or Batteryman D. Batteryman D is useful because it can protect your other non-Batteryman D Thunder-Type monsters with a high defense that most level 4 monsters can't get through. Batteryman Charger is one of the more useful, perhaps the most useful monster because you can Special Summon a Batteryman of any Level from your Deck when you Normal Summon it. It also makes a good attacker, as swarming Batterymen can get its ATK up to a max of 3300 with relative ease. Batteryman Industrial Strength is the most powerful Batteryman (in terms of its destructive effect and original ATK) because he can destroy two of your opponents cards with his effect, simply by removing from play one Thunder-Type monster from the Graveyard. Another card many Batteryman decks use is Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon, because with one Batteryman tribute it could be a 3400 attacker, or a 2400 creature immune to Spells and Traps that target it.

Although most Batteryman players tend to take the OTK route, there are other ways to use the deck. you could also try combining Lightsworn and Batteryman, since Batteryman have a lot of graveyard support with cards like Batteryman Industrial Strength or Battery Charger

Batteryman monsters work well with cards that have a cost that discards one card from your hand, so running cards like Lightning Vortex, Divine Wrath, One for One, and many others with such a cost would help. It helps because Batterymen swarm from the Graveyard (via Portable Battery Pack, Battery Charger, etc.). Not only that, but cards with the cost that discard one card from the hand could help put Batterymen monsters in the Graveyard in order to charge up Batteryman Industrial Strength's effect (or even his Summoning Condition). Batteryman support cards that can Special Summon Batterymen from the Graveyard can also help because they can set up an easy tribute for Batteryman Charger, or even Batteryman Fuel Cell, in case of a tight situation.

Thunder Dragon aids this deck very well because of its ability to thin the deck drastically. It can be used to fuel Batteryman Industrial Strength's effect, and can be used as a discard for costs or effects, to keep other crucial cards in the hand.

Running Honest will also be a good idea as all of the Batterymen are LIGHT attribute monsters. That way you can catch your opponent off guard if they attack your Batteryman AA or any other Batteryman monster in Attack position with a powerful monster as they will lose their monster, lose life points and your monster gets to stay. Note that Honest's effect can be activated even if you attack so you can easily get rid of an opponent's Stardust Dragon by attacking him with any of your Batterymen.

A vital card on this deck is also Inferno Reckless Summon which can speed up a lot the process of summoning 3 AAs, especially if you have a Short Circuit in your hand

In The Shining Darkness, two more Batterymen were released, Batteryman AAA and Batteryman Fuel Cell. Batteryman AAA can be used with Lightwave Tuning to get out a level 8 Synchro Monster or an instant Rank 4 XYZ, but is especially useful for the Special Summon of Batteryman Fuel Cell, which can Special Summon itself from the hand if you control two Batterymen, and you can tribute a Batteryman to bounce one of your opponent's cards, allowing you to bypass anti-destruction effects such as Starlight Road and Stardust Dragon. Fuel Cell is also useful because you can also Summon the level 6 monster with other Batteryman support cards, unlike Industrial Strength.

You can also use Recycling Batteries or Quick Charger to add 2 Batteryman monsters to your hand then discard them using Hand Destruction or Card Destruction creating a pseudo-Draw Engine so you can draw 2 cards without losing hand advantage speeding this deck up dramatically.

The Watt archetype (also released in The Shining Darkness) can aid Batteryman decks with lockdown and Synchro support, as they are Thunder-Type as well.

It can also be well played with Reckless Greed and Upstart Goblin that helps you getting Batteryman AA, Inferno Reckless Summon and Short Circuit at the same time on the hand that allows you to win faster.

With the advent of Xyz Monsters, the "Batteryman" archetype has been given new potential. Many of the "Batteryman" support cards involve summoning more than one "Batteryman" to the field at the same time, which can be used for Xyz Summons.

Recommended Cards

Card Name Reason
Batteryman 9V The search card of the archetype. Can search "AAA" to make plays during your next turn, or "Industrial Strength" and "Fuel Cell", to Special Summon immediately. Also activates when used with "Portable Battery Pack" and "Battery Charger".
Batteryman AAA Allows you easier access to Batteryman Fuel Cell & Short Circuit. Can also be used as Xyz Material monsters should you chose to add any.
Batteryman AA Usually the core card of the deck, when summoning one of them, the attack is low enough for it to be Inferno Reckless Summoned, however once 3 are on the field, they have a combined 9000 attack, and allow Short Circuit to be used.
Batteryman D With 1900 DEF, which is high enough to survive against all current Level 4 or lower meta monsters, and an effect which causes it to be the only attack target, it's good for stalling for a short while.
Batteryman Charger With a single tribute, it searches out AA which can then be Inferno Reckless Summoned, or any other card you could toolbox into (Such as Batteryman Fuel Cell).
Batteryman Industrial Strength One of the biggest monsters in the deck, with a spell/trap clearing ability to boot, as well as being level 8, allowing it to be used with Trade-In if so chosen, Industrial provided a great boost to Batterymen. However, removing from play AA will prevent it being brought back easily, as would any other.
Batteryman Micro-Cell Gives easy search power for many cards in the deck, and if destroyed by battle also gives a draw, for +1.
Batteryman Fuel Cell With an easy summoning condition, a good effect which is hard to negate, as well as being the biggest monster searchable by Charger, Fuel-Cell is seen as a key-card in some builds.
Honest One of the best tech cards in the game, allowing any of your monster to take on any other monster in battle, and win, can be used for a finishing move, or for defending offensively. Can also be used for mind games to prevent foe from attacking.
Morphtronic Magnen This card used in combination with Batteryman D can create a lock.
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon A big monster with decent effects for a single tribute, also will have the most attack for a single tribute monster if used with AA.
Wattfox A level 2 tuner allowing you to get out level 5 and 6 sycnhros with relative ease. Along with this, if your opponent destroys this monster they are locked down for the rest of the turn making then not want to attack in the first place.
Shining Angel Can search many cards in the deck.
Thunder King Rai-Oh Slows down opposing decks, while being strong in itself, stops Synchro monsters, and doesn't affect the deck, due to little deck searching.
Thunder Seahorse Searches out Batteryman AAA, itself or any other Level 4 LIGHT Thunder-Type monsters with 1600 or less ATK.
Extra Deck
Light End Dragon A large monster with an effect to beat any monster with attack up to 1000 higher, may be worth running if you have the tuners for it.
Ancient Sacred Wyvern A powerful level 7 synchro which can go well with "Wattcine" in order to gain the life points needed to have an

incredibly high attack beater.

Wattchimera Easy to summon level 6 synchro. Can attack directly for a quick beatdown and lock an opponents' draws with his effect.
Watthydra It can attack directly, and it's Gold Sarcophagus-like effect whenever it does so can be a valuable asset. Combined with cards like Solidarity and Wattcube, it can get very big, very fast.
Leviair the Sea Dragon Easily summoned by using two Batteryman AA to return 1 of your banished Batteryman through Batteryman Industrial Strength.
Number 39: Utopia Not only does it have high ATK but it can also be used to briefly stall the opponent, easily summoned by using two Batteryman AAA.
Photon Strike Bounzer Can be easily summoned by using two Batteryman Fuel Cell.
Starliege Paladynamo Can be made with 2 Batteryman AAA and can get around many monsters with its effect, and when it's destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you get to draw 1 card.
Constellar Omega Can be made with 2 Batteryman AAA and can give you a good 2400 ATK monster that is unaffected by Spells and Traps.
Battery Charger Similar to Monster Reborn, is able to revive any Batteryman from grave for 500 Life Points, to set up for Short Circuit.
Inferno Reckless Summon A key card in any deck based around Short Circuit, simply special summon a single AA, play this card, followed by Short Circuit to attack for game.
Makiu, the Magical Mist Can be used with most Batterymen to clear the field in part, due to the oft low DEF of most monsters there would be difficulty with.
Recycling Batteries Can be used to get back most of the smaller monsters such as AA's (damage) D's (stall) or AAA's (summon 2). Also, unlike Quick Charger, you can grab Wattfoxes with this (if you're running them.)
Quick Charger Similar to Recycling Batteries, and has (mostly) the same targets.
Short Circuit THE key card in Batteryman, able to wipe the field with little effort, and when combined with AA's, or other monsters such as Fuel Cell, often leads to an OTK.
Wattcube An equip spell either for a minor attack boost, or for a permanent boost of 1000 for one Thunder monster.
Solidarity If the deck is entirely Thunder monsters, this provides a constant strong attack boost.
Burial from a Different Dimension Can be used to return & refill the graveyard for use with Batteryman Industrial Strength.
Hand Destruction Can be used to send & draw, with the sent monsters retrievable with Quick Charger / Battery Charger.
Wattcine Good for increasing your life points after using cards like Return from the Different Dimension as well as increasing the power of your Ancient Sacred Wyvern.
Photon Lead Can be used to special summon AA to set it up for Inferno Reckless Summoning
Beckoning Light Allows you to add multiple Batterymen back to hand, such as 3 Industrial Strength to swarm & attack with, or to return Honest to hand when your opponent declares an attack.
Judgment of Thunder An easy to meet condition, on a 1 for 1 destruction card
Portable Battery Pack Call of the Haunted for 2 monsters, with no restriction on level or attack, what's not to like, can revive AA's, Fuel Cell's for best effect.
Return from the Different Dimension Another very easy set-up for a late-game OTK, after Industrial Strength has removed a few targets, Return them back, Short Circuit to wipe opponent's field, swing with several strong monsters.(AA, Charger, Fuel Cell recommended)
Limit Reverse Revives many of the small monsters from grave, and like many others, allows use of Inferno Reckless Summon on AA.
Trap Stun Allows a negation free turn in which to use Short Circuit.
Lumenize Acts as a substitute for Honest.
Wattcannon Deals 600 direct damage when a level 4 or lower thunder type monster is summoned on your side of the field.


Like the "Lightsworn" and "Worm" monsters, Archetypes like "Allies of Justice" and "Koa'ki Meiru"s pose an extreme threat to the "Batterymen" since they have effects that will negate and destroy them with ease because all of the "Batteryman" monsters have LIGHT attributes. "Light-Imprisoning Mirror" can help too.

Also, mass-removal cards like "Torrential Tribute", "Lightning Vortex", "Dark Hole", "Mirror Force" and even "Doom Donuts" have the power to shut down "Batterymans", destroying all of their monsters before they can attack and potentially OTK. In addition, cards that remove them from play and cards that hinder special summoning them from the Graveyard or Deck will pose a threat to them. Worse, "Deck Devastation Virus", "King Tiger Wanghu", and "Kotodama" can be more permanent solution for greatly hindering "Batteryman" Decks, especially OTK builds. Also, more peculiar cards like "Prohibition", "Psi-Blocker", "Dark Designator" "D.D. Designator" and "Mind Crush" can prevent "Batteryman" Decks from flourishing at all.


  • The number shown on the chests of Batteryman AA, Batteryman AAA, Batteryman C and Batteryman D corresponds their Levels. This also relates to their respective battery sizes in Japan, which are categorized as 単 (roughly translated as "single") and a number.
Batteryman Origin
Batteryman D D battery
Batteryman C C battery
Batteryman AA AA battery
Batteryman AAA AAA battery
Batteryman 9V Nine-volt battery
Batteryman Charger Battery charger
Batteryman Micro-Cell Button cell
Batteryman Fuel Cell Fuel cell
Batteryman Industrial Strength Automotive battery
  • Batterymen with the recycling symbol on their heads are the ones able to be returned from the graveyard by Recycling Batteries.

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