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List of cards that banish monsters from the Extra Deck

All OCG/TCG "Banishes from Extra Deck" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Malefic Cyber End DragonSin サイバー・エンド・ドラゴンMonster Card
Effect Monster
Malefic Stardust DragonSin スターダスト・ドラゴンMonster Card
Effect Monster
Spiritual Beast Rampengu精霊獣 ラムペンタMonster Card
Effect Monster
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Dimensional Fissure次元の裂け目Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card

All Anime "Banishes from Extra Deck" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Astrograph Sorcerer (anime)アストログラフ・マジシャンEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster70000250000002000
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Ancient Sunshineエンシェント・サンシャインTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Dimensional Fissure (anime)次元の裂け目Spell CardContinuous Spell Card

All Manga "Banishes from Extra Deck" cards

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