Axe of Fools

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Axe of Fools
Flag of the United Kingdom English Axe of Fools
Flag of France French Hache des Fous
Flag of Germany German Axt der Narren
Flag of Italy Italian Ascia dei Folli
Flag of South Korea Korean 우둔한 도끼
Flag of Portugal Portuguese Machado da Tolice
Flag of Spain Spanish Hacha de Tontos
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana) ぐどんのおの
Flag of Japan Japanese (Base) 愚鈍の斧
Flag of Japan Phonetic Gudon no Ono
Flag of Japan Translated Axe of Stupidity
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Equip Equip
Card Number 19578592
Card effect types Continuous, Trigger-like
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