Automatic Gearspring Machine

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Automatic Gearspring Machine
  • Japanese: 自動ネジマキ機
  • Kana: じどうネジマキき
  • Romaji: Jidō Nejimaki Ki
  • Translated: Automated Clockwork Machine
Card type

Spell SPELL.svg


Continuous.svg Continuous

Effect type

When you activate this card: Place 2 Gearspring Counters on it. During each of your Standby Phases, place 1 Gearspring Counter on this card. During your Main Phase: You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard; place Gearspring Counters on another card you can place a Gearspring Counter on, equal to the number of Gearspring Counters that were on this card.

Anime cards (Galleries: ZEXAL)

Other languages

Name Lore
German Automatische Uhrwerk-Maschine
Italian Macchina Automatica a Molla
Spanish Máquina de Cuerda Automática



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