Attack of the Giant Card!! is the name of a tournament where a Giant Card is given to the winner as a prize.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

YCS Chicago, Illinois - June 2010

YCS Bochum, Germany - September 2010

YCS Mexico City, Mexico - November 2010

YCS Milan, Italy - November 2010

YCS Dallas, Texas - February 2011

YCS Anaheim, California - April 2011

YCS Paris, France - April 2011

YCS Ecuador - September 2011

YCS Colombus, Ohio - October 2011

YCS Kansas City, Missouri - November 2011

YCS Brighton, United Kingdom - December 2011

SHONEN JUMP Championships

Los Angeles, California

New Jersey

Columbus, Ohio

Austin, Texas

Nashville, Tennessee

World Championship Qualifier

European Championship 2011

Central America

South American

Misc Attack of the Big Giant Cards


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