The Asura Priest OTK is a One Turn Kill consisting of one Monster Card, two Trap Cards, and one Spell Card, all of which can be played on one turn.

This OTK relies on the multiple attacks of "Asura Priest" or "Ally of Justice Thousand Arms" dealing damage to the opponent.

Required cards:

This OTK starts off by Summoning "Asura Priest" (1700 ATK) and activating "Ojama Trio", then activating "Final Attack Orders" or "Level Limit - Area A" to shift all Ojama Tokens (0 ATK) on the opponent's side of the field to Attack Position. Each of the Tokens is then attacked with with "Asura Priest" backed with an ATK increasing card. Destroying the Tokens with "Asura Priest" will should inflict at least 7200 damage and when each Token is destroyed the opponent takes 300 more damage per Token, inflicting over 8000 damage in total.

Another variation requires the following cards.

In this variation "Ojama Trio" is activated and "Zero Gravity" is used to switch the "Ojama Tokens" to Attack Position. "Asura Priest" is then Summoned and equipped with "Black Pendant". By attacking each Token, "Asura Priest" will inflict 6600 Battle Damage and 900 effect damage will be dealt through the effect of the Tokens, totaling 7500. During the End Phase, "Asura Priest" will returns to the player's hand, destroying "Black Pendant", which will inflict the remaining 500 damage.

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