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Astral Pack One
  • Astral Pack One

Paquet Astral Un


Astral Pack Eins


Astral Pack Uno


Pacote Astral Um


Sobre Astral Uno

Set information


  • AP01-EN (en)
  • AP01-FR (fr)
  • AP01-DE (de)
  • AP01-IT (it)
  • AP01-SP (es)
Number of cards


Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • November 30, 2012
English (eu)
  • November 23, 2012
  • November 16, 2012
  • November 22, 2012
  • November 23, 2012
  • November 16, 2012

Astral Pack One

Astral Pack One is a booster pack that was released to TCG tournament locations. This set of 25 cards will contain 1 foil card in each pack. There will be also 1 new hard-to-get Monster Card per set.



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Astral Pack Two
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Set number Name Rarity Card # Category
AP01-EN001 Tsukuyomi Ultimate Rare 34853266 Spirit monster
AP01-EN002 Debris Dragon Ultimate Rare 14943837 Tuner monster
AP01-EN003 Photon Thrasher Ultimate Rare 65367484 Effect Monster
AP01-EN004 Flamvell Firedog Super Rare 23297235 Effect Monster
AP01-EN005 Genex Undine Super Rare 04904812 Effect Monster
AP01-EN006 Kagemusha of the Six Samurai Super Rare 01498130 Tuner monster
AP01-EN007 Inzektor Centipede Super Rare 21790410 Effect Monster
AP01-EN008 Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit Super Rare 77901552 Effect Monster
AP01-EN009 Terraforming Super Rare 73628505 Normal Spell Card
AP01-EN010 Moray of Greed Super Rare 22123627 Normal Spell Card
AP01-EN011 Mask Change Super Rare 21143940 Normal Spell Card
AP01-EN012 Hidden Armory Super Rare 52105192 Normal Spell Card
AP01-EN013 The Gates of Dark World Super Rare 33017655 Field Spell Card
AP01-EN014 Hyena Common 22873798 Effect Monster
AP01-EN015 Dragon Ice Common 64262809 Effect Monster
AP01-EN016 Cyber Shark Common 32393580 Effect Monster
AP01-EN017 Swift Scarecrow Common 18964575 Effect Monster
AP01-EN018 Elemental HERO Ice Edge Common 41077745 Effect Monster
AP01-EN019 Mystical Sand Short Print 32751480 Fusion Monster
AP01-EN020 Spiritual Forest Common 69112325 Continuous Spell Card
AP01-EN021 Closed Forest Common 78082039 Field Spell Card
AP01-EN022 Shrine of Mist Valley Common 04215636 Field Spell Card
AP01-EN023 Thunder of Ruler Common 91781589 Normal Trap Card
AP01-EN024 Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan Common 01781310 Normal Trap Card
AP01-EN025 Astral Barrier Common 37053871 Continuous Trap Card


Facts about Astral Pack OneRDF feed
English (EN) release date23 November 2012 +
English database ID1,121,211,010 +
English nameAstral Pack One +
English release date23 November 2012 +
English set and region prefixAP01-EN +
English set prefixAP01 +
European English release date23 November 2012 +
European English retail release date23 November 2012 +
French database ID3,121,210,008 +
French namePaquet Astral Un +
French release date16 November 2012 +
French retail release date16 November 2012 +
French set and region prefixAP01-FR +
French set prefixAP01 +
German database ID2,121,211,008 +
German nameAstral Pack Eins +
German release date22 November 2012 +
German retail release date22 November 2012 +
German set and region prefixAP01-DE +
German set prefixAP01 +
Italian database ID4,121,210,008 +
Italian nameAstral Pack Uno +
Italian release date23 November 2012 +
Italian retail release date23 November 2012 +
Italian set and region prefixAP01-IT +
Italian set prefixAP01 +
MediumOfficial +
North American English release date30 November 2012 +
North American English retail release date30 November 2012 +
OCG set prefixAP01 +
Page nameAstral Pack One +
Page typeSet page +
Portuguese namePacote Astral Um +
Set typeBooster Pack +
Spanish database ID5,121,210,008 +
Spanish nameSobre Astral Uno +
Spanish release date16 November 2012 +
Spanish retail release date16 November 2012 +
Spanish set and region prefixAP01-SP +
Spanish set prefixAP01 +
TCG set prefixAP01 +

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