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Aster Phoenix
Aster with "Destiny HERO - Plasma".
  • Aster Phoenix
Japanese translated
  • Edo Phoenix

Ed Phoenix

  • Male
  • Career
  • Education

Professional Duelist


Senrigan Group


Duel Academy


Obelisk Blue

  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Industrial Illusions Tournament Winner
Genex Tournament Dropped out
Manga Deck

Vision Hero

Anime Deck
Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episode 53: "Back to Duel"

Video game debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller

Appears in
Nintendo DS
Voice actors
  • Akira Ishida
  • Asako Yoshida (younger)
Phoenix, Aster

Aster Phoenix, known as Edo Phoenix in the Japanese version, and commonly romanized as Ed Phoenix, is a child prodigy who makes his first appearance in the second season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. An intelligent vigilante, he is considered an anti-hero to Jaden. Although his unorthodox and illegal methods of attaining justice made him practically an enemy to Jaden, he later joins Jaden's side after realizing that he was being manipulated by the Light of Destruction, and later becomes a good friend of Jaden. He's also a pro-athlete, and excels at skiing, skydiving, skysurfing, and surfing. While no mention of it is made in the English dub, the Japanese version further indicates that he has a Ph.D. in two undisclosed subjects. Aster can also see Duel Monster Spirits, although not as great as Jaden. Aster is one of the only Duelists who has shown the ability to defeat Jaden.



Edo Linework
Aster's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Depicted here is the Duelist in full regalia from front, side, and rear alongside views of his head from different angles.
DeltaneosAdded by Deltaneos

Aster's character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara. His usual outfit consists of silver formal wear with button-up sleeves, a black shirt underneath with matching shoes, and a loosely-fitting necktie. His grey hair is sectioned in two layers, his bangs forming one layer and the rest the other. His blue eyes are positioned between the layers closest to his face. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left arm.


In the dub, Aster's speech is riddled with slang such as "dude" and "rockin". However, he is also very arrogant. His original series counterpart replaces certain Japanese words with anglicisms, the most common being his substitutions of numbers for their English equivalents, and replacing "bochi" 「墓地」 with its English equivalent, "cemetery", and "kouka" 「効果」 with "effect". In addition, he yells "Come on!" when Summoning his monsters in the Japanese version.


Aster is a professional Duelist whose belief in destiny draws him into confrontations with the most skilled of opponents. Aster is well-mannered (much more so in the Japanese version) with good intentions, but can often be blinded to the reality of a given situation due to his stubborn attitude and pessimistic outlook. He pursues his goals despite risks and overwhelming odds, and feels that the burden of avenging his father and reclaiming the "Destiny Hero" stolen from him is one that he must shoulder alone. Because his father was taken from him while he was still young, he has a dependency on father figures, such as Sartorius, or his legal guardian, The D. This has, in some instances, proven to be a weakness of Aster's, as the two men have been known to exploit him with mere words, albeit they were being controlled. Since his father's disappearance, Aster has also held a fear of the state of his "time," afraid that he has not truly advanced anywhere as a person following the life-changing event. As such, the trust he places in his "Destiny Heroes" is symbolic of his desire to control his own future.


His name is meant to be a pun in Japanese, as phoenixes were commonly depicted in art during the Edo period of Japan. His English given name means "star", or "silver star".



Aster discovers the body of his father, with the "Destiny Heroes" littered on the floor with him (the body is removed in the dubbed version).
CheesedudeAdded by Cheesedude

When Aster was a child his father who was a card designer for Industrial Illusions was murdered (kidnapped in the English version) leaving the last cards he created, the Destiny HEROes scattered on the floor around him at the scene. A card was stolen from him, known only as "The Ultimate D-Card".

First Visit to Duel Academy

Sartorius tells Aster to lose his duel with Jaden.
MaxMicsterAdded by MaxMicster

He first meets Jaden at Duel Academy at the beginning of the second year, enrolling as a new student. After arriving at Duel Academy, Aster enters Dorothy's card store where he builds a Deck while only using the several random packs of cards that were left on the shelves. When Ms. Dorothy tells him that he wont get far building Decks like that, he tells her it's fine, as he is only testing his abilities. During his Duel with Jaden, Aster thinks about the previous conversation that he had with his manager, a mysterious cloaked man reading tarot cards, who tells him to lose the duel on purpose as it will better him as a Duelist. Following his manager's orders, Aster throws the Duel and leaves on a respectful note, still thinking to himself about how Dueling this lower-level Duelist would change him and starting doubt his manager's prediction.

Pro League Duel! Zane vs Aster Phoenix

After Aster leaves Duel Academy for his Pro League Duel against Zane Truesdale, he punishes a criminal in an alley while dressed as Phoenix Enforcer. Zane arrives only in time to see the criminal collapse and the vigilante leaving the scene leaving Zane to wonder what the mysterious figure was. Aster is then seen meeting with Sartorius who chides him on his careless vigilante ways and advises him that he would not expect the man he seeks to be among the petty criminals in that area. As Sartorius begins to predict Aster's future, he draws The Chariot tarot card. But before Sartorius can tell Aster of its meaning, Aster reveals that Sartorius has predicted that he will have a perfect victory against Zane and that the Chairiot has been the only card that appears when he tells him of his fortune. Aster continues that even in his last Duel with Jaden he would've won, but that Sartious ordered him to lose and that he would rather continue being at the top of the Pro League instead of wasting his time at Duel Academy. Sartorius reassures Aster that there are not mistakes with the future he predicts, and Aster then agrees that he will defeat Jaden, after he defeats Zane.

Aster begins the duel with Zane.
MaxMicsterAdded by MaxMicster
At the beginning of his Pro League duel with Zane Truesdale, Zane mentions how Aster has replaced him as the best duelist at Duel Academy and continues to praise Aster as someone he wanted to Duel but Aster responds to Zane compliments as if Zane was an old man, to Zane's annoyance. The duel begins and Aster summons "Elemental HERO Avian". This shocks Jaden and his friends watching back at Duel Academy, and even Zane himself, as Aster is playing Elemental HEROes just like Jaden. When Aster fuses "Avian" with "Burstinatrix", he does not summon "Elemental HERO Flame Wingman", but rather "Elemental HERO Phoenix Enforcer". Much to his friend's disbelief, Jaden did not know that card existed. As the two Duel, Aster stays one step ahead of Zane while occasionally angering him in the process, both quickly overtaking each other. Zane Summons "Cyber End Dragon", and with seemingly the upper hand, attacks Aster's "Shining Phoenix Enforcer". However, Aster activates his Trap Card "Destruction of Destiny", which sends the top five cards of his Deck to the Graveyard, 4 of which are Elemental HEROes.
Aster defeats Zane
Aster easily defeats Zane
MaxMicsterAdded by MaxMicster
This results in "Shining Phoenix Enforcer" having a higher ATK than "Cyber End Dragon", thus destroying it by battle. The combined amount of Battle Damage and effect damage causes Zane to lose the Duel. When Aster comments to Zane that his destiny was already decided, Zane remembers similar words were said by the mysterious figure who attacked the criminal beforehand, and realizes it was him, but Aster walks away.

After defeating Zane in the Pro Leagues Aster is interviewed by numerous news reporters, Aster takes credit as the first to make the Hero deck and that a duelist at Duel Academy who he reveals to be Jaden Yuki (Shmaden Shmuki in the English dub) has gotten famous for using "his" deck. Aster then challenges Jaden to a duel.

Return To Duel Academy

Aster returns to Duel Academy.
MaxMicsterAdded by MaxMicster

Aster returns to Duel Academy to Duel Jaden and a battle between Heroes erupts as the two mirror each other with their respective "Elemental Hero" monsters. Although Jaden manages to remove his opponent's "Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer" from the field, Aster unleashes the true monsters of his Deck, the Destiny HERO cards (also known as the D-Series, and abbreviated as D-HERO in the original version).

Aster reveals that he will to become the greatest Duelist and find his fathers attacker who will have a certain card and rid the world of crime "his way", Aster defeats Jaden in the Duel.
Jaden beaten by Aster
Jaden passes out after being defeated by Aster.
Golden KeyAdded by Golden Key

Unbeknownst to Aster, Sartorius snuck a portion of his spiritual energy into his Deck prior to the Duel in order to brainwash Jaden to his side upon Jaden's defeat, but ended up temporarily blinding him to his cards instead due to the boy's power to defy his destiny. After a subsequent conversation with the converted Chazz Princeton, and a third Duel with Jaden, in which he is defeated, Aster begins to question whether or not Sartorius is in fact using him for his own gain, as he had no knowledge of the Society of Light.

Aster even more weary of Sartorius
Aster tells Sartorius he will keep an eye on him.
MaxMicsterAdded by MaxMicster

Later when Aster and Duel Academy students arrive at Domino City for the field trip Bastion questions Aster on what Sartorius is up to denoting that Sartorius is his manager after all, Aster denies this and says that he isn't anymore which he then remembers a previous conversation with Sartorius which increased his suspicion of who he thought was his friend. Aster then finds Jaden who has just found Yugis grandpa dumped in a pile of trash after he was kidnapped and tells him of his uneasy feeling. Aster then begins noticing four "Monarch" Duel spirits forming a barrier around the city. He tells Jaden that ever since he Dueled him he has begun to see strange things, hinting at his ability to see Duel Monster spirits.

Aster and jaden
Aster and Jaden turn the tables on Sarina.
MaxMicsterAdded by MaxMicster

Aster is later seen after Jaden defeats T-Bone, Sarina appears and seals T-Bone into a card then challenges Jaden after showing Syrus and Hassleberry trapped inside pods at the Virtual World Facility and challenges Aster telling him to come too as it is fate. After conquering Sarina in a tag Duel with Jaden due to Aster's Destiny HERO - Dasher, he learned of a "Hero" card shown to Sartorius years prior that made him start acting with evil intentions. Aster believes that it is the "Destiny Hero" stolen from his father, and his suspicions are later confirmed, as the Ultimate D-Card surfaces as a carrier of The Light of Destruction that caused both Sartorius and The D to develop split personalities, and the former to plan world destruction.

Aster gives away all but one of his Genex medals because they were weighing his pockets down.
MaxMicsterAdded by MaxMicster

Aster decides to participate in the Genex Tournament with the goal of finding his father's assailant and Ultimate-D, but does not concern himself with the material rewards of the competition as seen when he gives Tyranno Hassleberry a handful of medals without so much as a thought. He later warns Jaden of dueling X, a professional duelist who duels by reducing the amount of cards in his opponents deck to zero instead of there life points, ultimately Jaden turns the tables on X by reducing X's own deck to zero and wins the duel which Aster leaves shortly after.

In episode 98, Aster discovers The D is the culprit behind his father's disappearance, and Duels him aboard his yacht. The D tells him that he targeted his father because he was certain that obtaining the Ultimate D-Card would make him a successful Duelist in the unforgiving Pro League. The night of the murder, The D broke into the Phoenix household, but was caught by Aster's father. The corrupted Ultimate-D, sensing the evil in his heart, overpowered him and had him dispose of its creator. After the incident, The D took the role of Aster's legal guardian to avoid suspicion. This confession comes as a shock to the boy, who vows to take his former mentor down even at the cost of his own life. He is, however, faced with the very card that he sought to recover: "Destiny Hero - Plasma".

Despite being pushed into a corner by The D's formidable skills, Aster draws "Destiny HERO - Dark Angel", a card specifically designed to combat "Plasma", which was left to him by his father. Finally understanding its purpose, the Duelist turns the tables on The D, but not before his opponent reveals one last terrifying fact: the souls of his victims remain trapped within Plasma’s body. Aster's father emerges from the beast's wing and begs his son to pursue the Light of Destruction's true avatar, Sartorius, as the entity that dwells within Plasma is no more than a "husk." Winning the Duel, his father's spirit at rest, Aster escapes via helicopter with the purified Ultimate D-Card, while The D is consumed by the flames of the resulting explosion.

In episode 100, Aster breaks into Obelisk Blue and corners Sartorius in the Society of Light's private Duel field. As a child, he promised his friend that he would save him from his destiny of becoming a destroyer, but he was not certain how he would do so when the time came. He considers giving up the key to the laser satellite that was handed to him by Sartorius’s good personality, but Jaden intervenes and tells him its true purpose. Recognizing the present Sartorius is The Light of Destruction posing as his lost companion, Aster wagers the key in a Duel. He soon finds fate within the Duel isn't under his control as usual, as Sartorius's Arcana Force monsters stop their own rotations to put Aster in a difficult situations. Eventually, the good-hearted Sartorius appears before him, and the two offer one another support. Aster, aided by the spirit of the good Satorius tells him that he can change his fate. They utilize their destiny-surpassing friendship and make an incredible counter attack by summoning Destiny HERO - Plasma and attacking the possessed Sartorius directly twice, which would have won Aster the Duel if the former had not intervened. Pushed into a corner, The Light of Destruction uses its last cards to bring forth Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler. The Light Ruler engulfs the field in light and destroys Plasma. Aster is then kidnapped by Sartorius still possessed by The Light of Destruction, who ransoms him in return for Jaden's remaining key. This fails, and Aster is freed shortly.
Aster attacking the light
Aster on the verge of destroying the Light of Destruction
MaxMicsterAdded by MaxMicster

At the beginning of the third year, Aster stops by Duel Academy to see Jesse Anderson's Crystal Beast monsters. In the past, after winning a tournament sponsored by Industrial Illusions, Aster converses with Maximillion Pegasus himself, who tells him that Aster is one of the top five duelist hes ever seen, the others before him being Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey. When Aster ask who the fifth his Pegasus tells him it is Jesse Anderson, a young duelist who while participating a European competition was chosen by the Crystal Beast, Pegasus then goes on to explain that he awarded Jesse the cards as they had chosen him.

Along with Dr. Eisenstein, Aster makes contact with Jaden and company, telling them that the "Rainbow Dragon" card is needed in order to transport Duel Academy back to its original place. After Duel Academy returns he and Zane find Jaden and the others trying to open the fourth dimension to search for Jesse, who is stuck in the alternate dimension. However, they get too close and are sucked into the dimension as well. He and Zane are separated from the others and travel on their own. They re-unite with Syrus (who is in danger at that time), Zane Summons his "Cyber End Dragon" and save Syrus but they are forced to split up again. After Jaden's descent into darkness, they work against The Supreme King by defeating the Supreme King's minions and buying Axel Brodie time to confront the king himself. When Adrian Gecko teleports him and the others to another alternate dimension, he Duels Adrian after seeing him cruelly treat Echo. Adrian, even after being knocked down by Aster's monsters, uses Echo as a live sacrifice and extracts her soul as tribute for Exodius, which he then uses later to release Exodia. Aster decides to protect his friends and slows down Exodia with Destiny HERO - Plasma while he shields everyone from the blast. Aster orders Zane to get to everyone out off the cave, then Exodia launches an attack which causes a huge explosion. He is later seen revived along with everyone else who perished in the Duel Spirit world in the alternate dimension.

Ojama Yellow puts Aster in his place
"Ojama Yellow" attacks Aster directly.
CheesedudeAdded by Cheesedude

Doctor Crowler arranges for Chazz Princeton to train under Aster as an apprentice for the Pro League. Despite being an excellent assistant, Chazz loses the Final D-Card (later revealed to be "Destiny End Dragoon") guarded by Aster, and thus Aster is forced to retire. However, during a Duel with Chazz to determine which of them retires, it is revealed that Aster's manager Mike stole the card, and Aster is thus allowed to remain in the league. He ultimatey loses the Duel to Chazz though and promises he'll defeat him in return one day.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Blister describes to Yusei (English dub only) how he was offered a contract from KaibaCorp to go into Professional Dueling. The deal would have given him chances to Duel with Jack Atlas, Aster Phoenix and Truesdale (It is not stated if this meant Zane Truesdale or Syrus Truesdale).[1]


Aster in the manga.

Aster's photo appeared on a file in the hands of Principal MacKenzie. Though he is still a student at the American Duel Academy, he also competes professionally.


Aster plays a "Hero" Deck. In the anime, he plays an "Elemental Hero" Deck, which he would later use in combination with his "Destiny Heroes". He would eventually phase out the former series entirely.

In the manga, he plays a "Vision Hero" Deck, which features monsters that reappear as "visions" in his Spell & Trap Card Zone.


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Episode 12: "The Take Back, Part 2"
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