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Asian Tournament Promos refers only to main Japanese tournaments held in 1999 and only the ones which had prize cards specifically released for their winners and participants. This was a Duel Monsters tournament in the first part (not OCG legal), while the second part was played with the Game Boy Color game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories.

Duel Monsters I

This was the very first Duel Monsters tournament; it was held from February 1 to 21 1999 in the Tokyo district called "Ginza". The prize cards that were given out are unique in the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG, as they represent the only case of Ritual Monsters being printed as Normal Monsters. None of them have been reprinted in this form, moreover the promos were literally made of steel, in fact the front and rear images of the usual card were printed on a card-sized steel plate, making them forever mint. Only 1 copy exists of the 1st to 4th prizes, while "Kanan the Swordmistress" was largely distributed to the public.

Duel Monster 1 Tournament (February 1st to 21st, 1999 - Tokyo Ginza)

Card List

Champion Prize Card

2nd Place Prize Card

3rd Place Prize Card

4th Place Prize Card

Attendee Prize Card

First National Conference

The second "Duel Monsters" tournament was held from August 1 to 26, 1999 at the Tokyo Dome Stadium. It was introduced by an event held on July 1, in which participants were given three promotional cards: "Duelist Kingdom" 「王国」, "Set Sail for The Kingdom" 「王国への船出」, and "Glory of the King's Hand" 「王の右手の栄光」. All 3 were released as Commons. This event became famous in Japan after August 1999 and its name became First National Conference (the previous was DMII tournament).

GB Duel Monsters 2 Tournament (August 1st to 26th 1999 - Tokyo Dome Stadium)

Card List

Champion Prize Card

2nd Place Prize Card

3rd Place Prize Card

3rd Round Participant Prize Card

2nd Round Participant Prize Card

1st Round Participant Prize Card

Attendee Prize Cards


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