Armed Samurai - Ben Kei

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Armed Samurai - Ben Kei
(じゅう)(そう)()(しゃ)-ベン ・ ケイ
Flag of the United Kingdom English Armed Samurai - Ben Kei
Flag of France French Ben Kei, Samurai Armé
Flag of Germany German Bewaffneter Samurai - Ben Kei
Flag of Italy Italian Ben Kei - Samurai Armato
Flag of South Korea Korean 중무장무사-벤 케이
Flag of Portugal Portuguese Samurai Armado - Ben Kei
Flag of Spain Spanish Samurai Armado - Ben Kei
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana) じゅうそうむしゃ-ベン ・ ケイ
Flag of Japan Japanese (Base) 重装武者-ベン ・ ケイ
Flag of Japan Phonetic Jūsōmusha Ben Kei
Flag of Japan Translated Heavy-Clothed Warrior - Ben Kei
Attribute DARK DARK
Types Warrior/Effect
Level 4 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK/DEF 500/800
Card Number 84430950
Card effect types Continuous
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