"Armed Dragon" (アームド・ドラゴン, Āmudo Doragon) is a series of monsters introduced in Soul of the Duelist, with further support in Duelist Pack: Chazz Princeton. All monsters of this series are Dragon, except for the Wyrm "Metaphys Armed Dragon", which means Dragon support cards are all effective with them. The majority of "Armed Dragon" monsters are also WIND LV Monsters. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, Chazz Princeton obtains these cards while at North Academy and uses them throughout many of his appearances.

Playing style

The original "Armed Dragon" series focused on sending cards from the hand to the Graveyard to destroy monsters on the field. Depending on the ATK of the monster sent, certain monsters could be destroyed while others were not. This is why cards that decrease your opponent's monsters attack, such as "Shrink" and "Burden of the Mighty" can be helpful. "Armed Dragon LV10", being the strongest, simply destroys all face-up monsters regardless of their ATK and any card could be sent from the hand to the Graveyard, rather than only monsters, as was the case with the lesser forms. This series is one of two "LV" Dragon series (the other being the "Horus the Black Flame Dragon" archetype).

"Dark Armed Dragon" is the Dark counterpart of "Armed Dragon LV7", capable of destroying multiple cards simply by banishing DARK monsters from the Graveyard.

Recommended cards

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