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"Axe of Despair" from Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants. The archetype condition is visible at the beginning of its card text.

An archetype condition is a condition that specifies a card as being a member of an archetype when the card's name does not.

Most occurrences are on non-Japanese prints of cards where the card's name was established before the archetype was; the most common usages are on old "Archfiend" cards such as "Summoned Skull" and "Axe of Despair" for which the localized name is well-known and it would not be appropriate to rename the card.

For Effect Monsters, archetype conditions are always listed at the beginning of the card text (but after Materials, if any); non-Effect Monsters instead list it at the very bottom of the text box. On Japanese cards, they are simply written as a regular sentence as part of the main body; on non-Japanese cards, they are always in parentheses and on a separate line from the rest of the card text.

Because an archetype condition is a condition and not an effect, it is unaffected by cards such as "Skill Drain". It is also the only text that can be printed in the lore box of a Normal Monster that can affect gameplay in any way (and is therefore not italicized). As an archetype condition includes information that would normally be contained within a card's name, if a card such as "Phantom of Chaos" copies the name of a card with an archetype condition, it would also copy the card's archetype condition and consequently also be treated as a member of the archetype listed in the copied card's archetype condition while it is copying the card's name.


Archetype membership is ordinarily determined by a card's name: an archetype's support (and anti-support) cards list a specific string in their effect, and a given card is a member of that archetype if its name includes that string. Because Yu-Gi-Oh! is originally a Japanese franchise, most such support is determined by Japanese names, and when cards are localized for non-Japanese regions, a suitable translation is chosen to name the archetype and be used in the names of all of that archetype's members and the effects of its support cards, and no other cards ever use that string in their names.

There are two cases where this system may break down: where the first support cards are released much later than the first members, and those members were localized without the archetype's string in their names (sometimes including anime localizations); and where previously-localized nonmembers were given names that contain the archetype's string. In both cases, there are two possible solutions: rename the card, or specify its membership status; both ways have been used in the past. For example: the English card text of "Arsenal Summoner" specifies that "Celtic Guardian", "Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1", "Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2", "Guardian of the Labyrinth" and "The Reliable Guardian" are not "Guardian" cards; and "Oscillo Hero #2" had its English name changed to "Wattkid" to include it in the "Watt" archetype. Archetype conditions can be considered a formalized type of the first method, used where a card cannot be renamed because its current name is well-established and well-known by fans and players, as is the case for "Summoned Skull" and "Axe of Despair".



Language Text Translation
English (This card is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
French (Cette carte est toujours traitée comme une carte "[archetype]".) (This card is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
German (Diese Karte wird immer als „[archetype]“-Karte behandelt.)
Formerly: (Diese Karte wird jederzeit als „[archetype]“-Karte behandelt.)
Italian (Questa carta viene sempre considerata come una carta "[archetype]".)
Formerly: (Questa carta è sempre considerata come una carta "[archetype]".)
(This card is always considered as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
Portuguese (Este card é tratado como um card "[archetype]".)
Formerly: (Este card deve ser sempre considerado como um card "Arquidemônio".)
(This card must always be considered as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
Formerly: (This card is treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
Spanish (Esta carta se trata siempre como una carta "[archetype]"). (This card is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card).
Japanese このカードはルールじょう「[archetype]」カードとしてもあつかう。
Formerly: このカードはルールじょう「[archetype]」のついたカードとしてもあつかう。
This card is treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card as a rule.
Formerly: As this card's rule, it is treated as a card with "[archetype]" in its name.
Korean 이 카드는 룰 상 "[archetype]" 카드로도 취급한다.
Formerly: 이 카드는 룰 상 "[archetype]" 카드로도 취급한다.
This card is treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card as a rule.


Language Text Translation
English (This monster is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" monster.)
French (Ce monstre est toujours traité comme un monstre "[archetype]".) (This monster is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" monster.)
German (Dieses Monster wird immer als ein „[archetype]“-Monster behandelt.)
Italian (Questo mostro viene sempre considerato come un mostro "[archetype]".) (This monster is always considered as a(n) "[archetype]" monster.)
Spanish (Este monstruo se trata siempre como un monstruo "[archetype]"). (This monster is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" monster).
Japanese このカードはルールじょう「[archetype]」モンスターとしてもあつかう。 This card is treated as a(n) "[archetype]" monster as a rule.
Korean 이 카드는 룰 상 "[archetype]" 몬스터로도 취급한다.


This type of condition was first seen in Absolute Powerforce on "Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast". While "Archfiend" cards without "Archfiend" in their name had long been listed on the official website and in rulebooks, the condition text was not added to them until Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants.

The first Japanese card with an archetype condition was "Number 39: Utopia Beyond", a Master Guide 4 promotional card. In TCG languages, this card does not include any archetype condition, as its localized name contained the required string whereas its original name did not.

In the TCG, archetype conditions have been used to include cards in the "Phantom Beast", "Archfiend", "Noble Arms", "Elemental HERO" and "Dark Magician Girl" archetypes; in the OCG, archetype conditions have been used to include cards in the "Utopia", "Elemental HERO", "Superheavy Samurai", "Frightfur", "Ninja", "Blue-Eyes", and "Celtic Guard" archetypes.

In OCG languages, if a card has an archetype condition it has that archetype condition in all languages. In TCG languages, only the Portuguese print of "Archfiend Soldier" and the Italian card database entry for "Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight" have an archetype condition that does not appear in other TCG languages. "Edge Imp Frightfuloid", "Contrast HERO Chaos", and "Dragon Spirit of White" are the only cards to have archetype conditions in both the OCG and TCG.

Cards with archetype conditions


 Japanese nameTranslated nameLevelRankCard typeAttributeTypeATKDEFArchetype(s)
Archfiend Soldierデーモン・ソルジャーDaemon Soldier4Normal Monster
Monster Card
Axe of Despairデーモンの斧Daemon's AxeSpell Card
Equip Spell Card
Spell CardArchfiend
B. Skull Dragonブラック・デーモンズ・ドラゴンBlack Daemons Dragon9Monster Card
Fusion Monster
Beast of Talwarタルワール・デーモンTalwar Daemon6Normal Monster
Monster Card
Celestial Sword - Eatos女神の聖剣-エアトスHoly Sword of the Goddess - EatosSpell Card
Equip Spell Card
Spell CardNoble Arms
Celtic Guard of Noble Armsエルフの聖剣士Elf Holy Swordsman4Effect Monster
Monster Card
EARTHWarrior2100700Celtic Guard
Noble Arms
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast有翼幻獣キマイラChimaera the Winged Phantom Beast6Fusion Monster
Monster Card
WINDBeast21001800Phantom Beast
Contrast HERO ChaosC・HERO カオス9Fusion Monster
Monster Card
Elemental HERO
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight竜騎士ブラック・マジシャン・ガールBlack Magician Girl the Dragon Knight7Fusion Monster
Monster Card
DARKDragon26001700Dark Magician (archetype)
Dark Magician Girl (archetype)
Magician Girl
A Deal with Dark Rulerデーモンとの駆け引きA Deal with a DaemonSpell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Spell CardArchfiend
Dragon Spirit of White白き霊龍8Monster Card
Effect Monster
Edge Imp Frightfuloidエッジインプ・DTモドキEdge Imp DT Modoki4Effect Monster
Monster Card
DARKFiend13001300Edge Imp
Fiend Skull Dragonデス・デーモン・ドラゴンDeath Daemon Dragon5Monster Card
Fusion Monster
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts幻獣王ガゼルPhantom Beast King Gazelle4Normal Monster
Monster Card
EARTHBeast15001200Phantom Beast
Iris Magician虹彩の魔術師4Monster Card
Pendulum Monster
DARKSpellcaster15001000Magician (archetype)
Pendulum Dragon
Lesser Fiendレッサー・デーモンLesser Daemon5Effect Monster
Monster Card
Number 39: Utopia BeyondNo.39 希望皇ビヨンド・ザ・ホープNumbers 39: King of Wishes, Beyond the Hope6Xyz Monster
Monster Card
Utopia (archetype)
Raidraptors ReplicaR・R・RRaid Raptors ReplicaTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Trap CardRaidraptor
Shadow Tamerデーモン・テイマーDaemon Tamer3Effect Monster
Monster Card
Summoned Skullデーモンの召喚Summoned Daemon6Monster Card
Normal Monster
Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi超重魔獣キュウ-BSuperheavy Demon Beast Kyu-B9Synchro Monster
Monster Card
EARTHMachine19002500Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai General Coral超重輝将サン-5Superheavy General San-51Pendulum Monster
Monster Card
EARTHMachine300500Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai General Jade超重輝将ヒス-ESuperheavy General Hisu-E8Pendulum Monster
Monster Card
EARTHMachine18002800Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ninja Sarutobi超重忍者サルト-BSuperheavy Ninja Saruto-B8Monster Card
Synchro Monster
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ninja Shinobiashi超重忍者シノビ-A・CSuperheavy Ninja Shinobi-AC7Monster Card
Synchro Monster
EARTHMachine12002800Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji超重神鬼シュテンドウ-GSuperheavy God Oni Shutendo-G6Monster Card
Synchro Monster
EARTHMachine5002500Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Swordmaster Musashi超重剣聖ムサ-CSuperheavy Swordmaster Musashi5Monster Card
Synchro Monster
EARTHMachine3002300Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo超重荒神スサノ-OSuperheavy Koujin Susano-O10Synchro Monster
Monster Card
EARTHMachine24003800Superheavy Samurai
Toon Summoned Skullトゥーン・デーモンToon Daemon6Monster Card
Effect Monster
Twilight Ninja Nichirin, the Chunin黄昏の中忍-ニチリンTwilight Nichirin, the Chunin6Monster Card
Effect Monster


 Japanese nameTranslated nameLevelRankCard typeAttributeTypeATKDEFArchetype(s)
Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi (anime)超重魔獣キュウ-BSuperheavy Demon Beast Kyu-B9Monster CardEARTHMachine19002500Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai General Coral (anime)超重輝将サン-5Superheavy General San-51Monster CardEARTHMachine300500Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai General Jade (anime)超重輝将ヒス-ESuperheavy General Hisu-E8Monster CardEARTHMachine18002800Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ninja Shinobiashi (anime)超重忍者シノビ-A・CSuperheavy Ninja Shinobi-AC7Monster CardEARTHMachine12002800Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji (anime)超重神鬼シュテンドウ-GSuperheavy God Oni Shutendo-G6Monster CardEARTHMachine5002500Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo (anime)超重荒神スサノ-OSuperheavy Koujin Susano-O10Monster CardEARTHMachine24003800Superheavy Samurai


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