Arcana Force XV - The Fiend

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Arcana Force XV - The Fiend
  • Japanese: アルカナフォースⅩⅤ_THE DEVIL
  • Kana: アルカナフォースフィフティーン_ザ デビル
  • Romaji: Arukana Fōsu Fifutīn - Za Debiru
  • Translated: Arcana Force XV - The Devil



7 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star

Effect type

[ ]
When this card is Summoned, toss a coin. If Heads, this card gains the Right Side Up effect, if Tails, this card gains the Upside Down effect.
● Right Side Up: When this card attacks, select and destroy 1 monster on the field. Then, inflict 500 damage to the controller of the destroyed monster. If that monster is not destroyed, destroy this card.
● Upside Down: When this card attacks, destroy all monsters on the field.
ATK / 2500   DEF / 2500

Anime cards (Galleries: GX)

Other languages

Name Lore
French Force Arcane XV - Le Démon
German Arkane Macht XV - Der Teufel
Italian Energia Arcana XV - Il Demone
Portuguese Força Arcana XV - O Demônio
Spanish Fuerza Arcana XV - El Demonio
Japanese アルカナフォースⅩⅤフィフティーン_THE DEVILデビル 召喚時にコイントスを1回行う。表の場合正位置の効果を、裏の場合逆位置の効果をこのカードは得る。
Arukana Fōsu Fifutīn - Za Debiru



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