The Arc Project. In line with the plans of the Fusion Dimension's Duel Academy, the Xyz Dimension's city, Heartland, is pushed to the brink of destruction.

— The phrase recited before the Japanese opening themes for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, during the Heartland City arc.

Arc Project

Arc Project

Japanese translated

Aquaria Project

Appears in (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Appears in (episode)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode 106: "Student Challenge"

The Arc Project, known as "Aquaria Project" or alternatively translated as "Arc-Area Project" (アークエリア・プロジェクト Ākueria Purojekuto) in the Japanese version is the project devised by Leo Akaba and the goal of Duel Academy, which involves the using the power of Fusion to merge the Four Dimensions and revert the worlds to their original state: the United World. According to Duel Academy's military officers and lower ranking soldiers, this would establish a utopia where all people from the various dimensions can live in peace.[1][2][3]


This project is shown to require Zuzu and her dimensional counterparts[4], as well as invading the Xyz and Synchro Dimensions[5] and having their people sealed into cards in order to bring them back to Duel Academy and use their life force to power the project.[3] According to Declan Akaba, Yuya and his counterparts are also important.[6]

When people are turned into cards, the process turns their natural energy, their bodies and souls, into condensed versions, cards, and are all sent without fail to Duel Academy (except for non-unprecedented card transformations like Dennis' or the carded LID students). The project is a means to complete Revival Zero, which requires the gathering of natural energy, the people turned into condensed card versions of themselves, as energy source for ARC-V.

Leo, finding the Lancers (led by Declan) and Yuya as threat to his Arc Project, decided to send the Tyler sisters to the Xyz Dimension in order to eliminate them[2] as well as the Obelisk Force as insurance.[7]

Ultimately, the Arc Project inadvertently ended up causing Zarc's resurrection and put the dimensions in danger. However, the Lancers and Ray's opposition towards him prevented this outcome and caused the Standard Dimension rebirth as the "Pendulum Dimension", while Riley sealed Zarc's soul into herself but at the cost of returning as a catatonic infant. Since Riley needed to regain her smile in order to permanently purify Zarc's soul, Yuya was forced to Duel several of his former allies in order to restore it and overcome his fear of Zarc's return. Eventually Yuya faced Declan in their final Duel to test his aptitude to become a pro Duelist and succeeded in defeating him, restoring Riley's smile and purifying Zarc's soul.

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