The Ancient Treasures are a series of cards used by Tenzen Yanagi, as well as Yusei Fudo briefly, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. According to the anime, it is possible that these cards illegal, but currently that is not a problem. This series focuses on Rock monsters with 0 ATK to do its bidding, and nearly all of the cards have a negative effect (paying LP, discarding, etc.). These cards work well with "Curse Reflection Doll" and "Triangle O" to deflect the negative effects, however. All monsters of this series are Level 1 EARTH, except for the Level 3 "Ashoka Pillar" and the WATER "Crystal Skull". They also all have 0 DEF, except for the 2200 DEF "Ashoka Pillar".

These cards are based on ancient objects from various locales around the world. Its theme would later be reused in the form of the "Chronomaly" archetype by Trey in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.


Monster Negative effect Origin
Ashoka Pillar Inflict 2000 damage to this card's controller when it is destroyed Pillars of Ashoka
Cabrera Stone Destroy this card if it is in face-up Defense Position; inflict 1000 damage to this card's controller when it is destroyed Ica stones
Crystal Skull Inflict 1000 damage to this card's controller when it is Summoned Crystal skull

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