Ancient Prophecy

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Ancient Prophecy
  • Ancient Prophecy

Ancienne Prophétie


Ancient Prophecy


Antica Profezia


Profecía Antigua




Enshento Purofeshī


태고의 예언

Revised Romanization

Taegoui Yeeon

Set information


  • ANPR-EN (en)
  • ANPR-FR (fr)
  • ANPR-DE (de)
  • ANPR-IT (it)
  • ANPR-SP (es)
  • ANPR-JP (ja)
  • ANPR-KR (ko)
Order number


Number of cards
  • 80 (OCG)
  • 100 (TCG)
Cover card
Sneak Peek card

XX-Saber Gardestrike

Yugioh-Card database ID
Related sets
Sneak Peek

Ancient Prophecy Sneak Peek Participation Card

2-pack set

Ancient Prophecy 2-Pack Set

Special Edition

Ancient Prophecy: Special Edition

Release dates
  • April 18, 2009
English (na)
  • August 15, 2009 (Sneak Peek)
  • September 1, 2009
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • August 27, 2009
  • September 23, 2009

Ancient Prophecy

Ancient Prophecy is a set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the fifth set of the OCG's sixth series. It is followed by Stardust Overdrive.

The North American Sneak Peeks for this set took place from August 15–16, 2009.

Packs of the TCG set were also printed in the Ancient Prophecy: Special Edition.


Ancient Prophecy contains cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, such as "Earthbound Immortals", along with cards used by Yusei, Luna, Leo, Crow, Rally, Lazar, Carly and Greiger. The TCG version also contains cards used by Yugi Muto, Yubel, Alexis Rhodes, Jaden Yuki, Jim Crocodile Cook, Tyranno Hassleberry, Yako Tenma and Bastion Misawa.

The set introduces the "Fortune Lady" archetype and includes support for the "Koa'ki Meiru" archetype as well as further more for "Blackwing" and "XX-Saber" cards.


In the Japanese version there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box.

The OCG set includes 80 cards or 86 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:

In the TCG there are 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The set contains 100 cards or 111 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



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Ancient Prophecy
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
ANPR-EN000 XX-Saber Gardestrike Secret Rare 42024143 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN001 Kuribon Rare 47432275 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN002 Sunny Pixie Common 73837870 Tuner monster
ANPR-EN003 Sunlight Unicorn Common 10321588 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN004 Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield Common 46710683 Tuner monster
ANPR-EN005 Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
72714392 Tuner monster
ANPR-EN006 Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain Common 09109991 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN007 Morphtronic Magnen Bar Common 45593005 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN008 Jester Lord Rare 72992744 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN009 Jester Confit Super Rare 08487449 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN010 Fortune Lady Light Rare 34471458 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN011 Fortune Lady Fire Rare 71870152 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN012 Infernity Beast Common 07264861 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN013 Darksea Rescue Rare 34659866 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN014 Darksea Float Common 70054514 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN015 Turbo Rocket Rare 06142213 Tuner monster
ANPR-EN016 Earthbound Immortal Cusillu Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
33537328 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN017 Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
69931927 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN018 Koa'ki Meiru Boulder Common 06320631 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN019 Koa'ki Meiru Crusader Super Rare 32314730 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN020 Koa'ki Meiru Speeder Rare 68809475 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN021 Koa'ki Meiru Tornado Rare 95204084 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN022 Koa'ki Meiru Hydro Barrier Common 31692182 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN023 Scary Moth Common 68087897 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN024 Shiny Black "C" Common 94081496 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN025 Armed Sea Hunter Common 20470500 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN026 Divine Dragon Aquabizarre Common 67964209 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN027 Fishborg Blaster Common 93369354 Tuner monster
ANPR-EN028 Shark Cruiser Common 20358953 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN029 Armored Axon Kicker Common 62742651 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN030 Genetic Woman Common 98147766 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN031 Magicat Rare 25531465 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN032 Cyborg Doctor Common 51020079 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN033 White Potan Common 98024118 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN034 Minefieldriller Super Rare 24419823 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN035 XX-Saber Faultroll Super Rare 51808422 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN036 XX-Saber Ragigura Common 87292536 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN037 Flamvell Firedog Rare 23297235 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN038 Ancient Crimson Ape Common 50781944 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN039 Falchionβ Rare 86170989 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN040 Ancient Fairy Dragon Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
25862681 Synchro Monster
ANPR-EN041 Turbo Cannon Super Rare 13574687 Synchro Monster
ANPR-EN042 Archfiend Zombie-Skull Super Rare 59969392 Synchro Monster
ANPR-EN043 Ancient Sacred Wyvern Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
25958491 Synchro Monster
ANPR-EN044 XX-Saber Gottoms Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
52352005 Synchro Monster
ANPR-EN045 Release Restraint Wave Common 98847704 Normal Spell Card
ANPR-EN046 Silver Wing Common 25231813 Equip Spell Card
ANPR-EN047 Advance Draw Common 51630558 Normal Spell Card
ANPR-EN048 Ancient Forest Super Rare 87624166 Field Spell Card
ANPR-EN049 Emergency Assistance Common 24019261 Normal Spell Card
ANPR-EN050 Spirit Burner Common 50418970 Equip Spell Card
ANPR-EN051 Future Visions Super Rare 87902575 Field Spell Card
ANPR-EN052 Core Compression Super Rare 13997673 Normal Spell Card
ANPR-EN053 Core Blaster Common 59385322 Equip Spell Card
ANPR-EN054 Solidarity Rare 86780027 Continuous Spell Card
ANPR-EN055 Hydro Pressure Cannon Common 12174035 Equip Spell Card
ANPR-EN056 Water Hazard Common 49669730 Continuous Spell Card
ANPR-EN057 Brain Research Lab Common 85668449 Field Spell Card
ANPR-EN058 Saber Slash Super Rare 11052544 Normal Spell Card
ANPR-EN059 Sword of Sparkles Common 48447192 Equip Spell Card
ANPR-EN060 Rekindling Short Print 74845897 Normal Spell Card
ANPR-EN061 Ancient Leaf Short Print 11830996 Normal Spell Card
ANPR-EN062 Fossil Dig Common 47325505 Normal Spell Card
ANPR-EN063 Skill Successor Super Rare 73729209 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN064 Reinforce Truth Rare 10118318 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN065 Pixie Ring Common 46502013 Continuous Trap Card
ANPR-EN066 Fairy Wind Short Print 73507661 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN067 Imperial Custom Common 09995766 Continuous Trap Card
ANPR-EN068 Discord Super Rare 46480475 Continuous Trap Card
ANPR-EN069 Slip of Fortune Common 72885174 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN070 Depth Amulet Common 08279188 Continuous Trap Card
ANPR-EN071 Damage Translation Common 35268887 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN072 Battle Teleportation Common 71652522 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN073 Core Reinforcement Rare 08057630 Continuous Trap Card
ANPR-EN074 Iron Core Luster Common 34545235 Counter Trap Card
ANPR-EN075 Battle of the Elements Common 60530944 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN076 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Common 07935043 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN077 Psychic Soul Common 33323657 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN078 Flamvell Counter Common 60718396 Counter Trap Card
ANPR-EN079 At One With the Sword Common 06112401 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN080 A Major Upset Short Print 32207100 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN081 XX-Saber Fulhelmknight Rare 78422252 Tuner monster
ANPR-EN082 Koa'ki Meiru Ghoulungulate Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
05817857 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN083 Koa'ki Meiru Gravirose Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
41201555 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN084 Psychic Emperor Rare 77600660 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN085 Card Guard Secret Rare 04694209 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN086 Flamvell Commando Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
40189917 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN087 Pseudo Space Rare 77584012 Field Spell Card
ANPR-EN088 Greed Grado Secret Rare 03972721 Quick-Play Spell Card
ANPR-EN089 Revival of the Immortals Super Rare 39967326 Normal Trap Card
ANPR-EN090 Arcana Knight Joker Rare 06150044 Fusion Monster
ANPR-EN091 Armityle the Chaos Phantom Secret Rare 43378048 Fusion Monster
ANPR-EN092 White Night Dragon Secret Rare 79473793 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN093 Card Blocker Secret Rare 42256406 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN094 Gaia Plate the Earth Giant Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
14258627 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN095 Sauropod Brachion Rare 41753322 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN096 Gaap the Divine Soldier Rare 37955049 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN097 Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür Super Rare 19028307 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN098 Kasha Secret Rare 52512994 Effect Monster
ANPR-EN099 Elemental Hero Gaia Secret Rare 16304628 Fusion Monster

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