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English name
  • Alvaro
Japanese translated
  • Kan Nikaido
  • Male

Duel Academy

Tag Force
  • Evolving Threat
Tag Force 2
  • Being Released
Video game debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force

Appears in
PlayStation 2

Alvaro, known as Kan Nikaido in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in the Tag Force series.


Tag Force

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force, when the player receives Alvaro's Deck Recipe, they also receive the card "Royal Guard".

Character-wise, at least in Tag Force 1, he seems to miss the point of Dueling and thinks it's all about physical strength.

Tag Force 2

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2, he has supposedly got larger muscles, but his sprite and model remains the same. Sometimes, there might be a 'random event' where you meet him at the Red Dorm and he will ask for 20,000 DP in exchange for some rare cards.


The player is able to give Alvaro sandwiches. The following tables detail how much he likes or dislikes the sandwiches.

Tag Force

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes

Tag Force 2

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes

Tag Force 3

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes


Tag Force

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force, Alvaro uses a "Moth" Deck titled "Evolving Treat", which focuses on protecting "Petit Moth" as it evolves into more powerful stages.

All other monsters are used to search for "Petit Moth" and "Cocoon of Evolution".

"Light of Intervention" is used, so "Petit Moth" can be Normal Summoned in face-up Defense Position, allowing it to immediately benefit of the 2000 DEF once equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution". Most Spell and Trap Cards focus on increasing the DEF of "Petit Moth" in order to protect it.

Alvaro is one of the characters in the game to use a Side Deck.

Evolving Threat - Main Deck
Evolving Threat - Side Deck

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