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Alternate Art is used to describe the Artwork of any card that is different to its Original Print. Alternate artworks are typically available in the form of Promos, and are usually of cards popularized by characters in the Anime.

For Example, Dark Magician Girl has three Alternate Artworks in the OCG (two of which are present in the TCG) and one Original Artwork.

Note that alternate artwork is different from artwork changes from the OCG to the TCG. For example, Axe of Despair, Barrel Dragon, Blowback Dragon, Exodia the Forbidden One and its limbs, Soul Release, Harpie Girl, and Mystic Tomato are not considered to have alternate artwork.

All alternate art cards have the same password as their originals, except Polymerization (the newer being Polymerization (Fusion)) and one version of Dark Magician (the Arkana version).

Currently "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" has the most artworks, with 6 different artworks.

A list of cards with alternate artworks

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