Akira Zaizen (ざいぜん あきら, Zaizen Akira) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime and is the older step-brother of Yusaku's classmate Aoi Zaizen. He is also the security manager of SOL Technology.



Akira is a fair skinned young man with blue and teal hair and pink eyes. He wears a suit which consists of a blue coat with a darker one underneath, a white shirt, and a black tie. He also sports blue trousers and black shoes.


Akira is a man who values work above all other things. He seems to be a stubborn workaholic. In his conversation with Aoi he states that he cares about her. Also when asked is the next match Blue Angel vs Playmaker he clearly says no in means to protect her.


"Akira" 「晃」 means "bright" or "clearness". "Zaizen" 「財前」 can be translated as "before wealth" or "before riches".



At SOL Technology headquarters, Akira informed Bishop that Ignis was inside of the network. Bishop reminded that SOL Technology has been the leading force in the network for many years and that is all thanks to the data material that has been created from Cyberse, but five years ago due the attack from the Knights of Hanoi, Ignis hid the Cyberse somewhere inside the network. Akira added that due to the removal of Cyberse the supply of data material had steadily been decreasing and the performance of the network had fallen by 30%. To save their company, Bishop ordered Akira to find Ignis and to determine the location of Cyberse. Shortly after, he informed Bishop that the preparations for the scan was complete but was worried about the decline of the security during the scan and that there will enormous damage if the Knights attack at this moment. Shortly after, Akira looked at the SOL Technology's staff performed a City Scan in order to search for Ignis and got frustrated when the Knights of Hanoi decided to attack as the defenses of VRAINS would be left vulnerable at that point. He was surprised that Ignis was bonded to Playmarker's Duel Disk and asked what happened when a mysterious light go out from Playmarker's Duel Disk.[1]


Aoi Zaizen

Even though he spends most to his time at work Aoi is still incredibly obedient to him as on the phone she agrees to everything he says. When she ends the call she goes to LINK VRAINS in order to prove herself to him. He is completely oblivious to her wanting him to recognize her and her abilities.


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