Air Muscle

An Air Muscle shoe.

Air Muscle is a type of expensive shoe in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, usually sold at ¥100,000 and considered top of the range. They are based on the real world shoes Nike Air Max 95.


The owner of the Junky Scorpion would sell these shoes and arrange for his Muscle Hunters to steal them back.

Jonouchi went to the Junky Scorpion to buy a pair. The owner initially refused to sell them, but offered Jonouchi a chance to get them if he would put his foot in one of them while there was a scorpion inside. Jonouchi put his foot inside and the owner revealed that there was not actually a scorpion inside, but since Jonouchi still passed this bravery test, he sold him the shoes for half price.

The Muscle Hunter thugs then ambushed Jonouchi, Honda and Yugi, stole the shoes and returned them to the owner. Jonouchi and Honda tracked down and beat-up the thugs, learning the store owner still had them. Dark Yugi then confronted the owner and won the shoes back through the coin in sneaker game. Although one of the Air Muscle got damaged during the game, Jonouchi considered the hole to be a battle scar.