Aigami (あいがみ, Aigami), real name Diva (ディーヴァ, Dīva), is the main antagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. He is described as a mysterious youth who holds the keys to the movie's story.




Full body view of Aigami

Diva has tanned skin, golden eyes and dark teal hair that spikes outwards in the back, features two small spikes pointing upwards (in a manner similar to horns) and four ponytails (two short ones framing his face and two long ones in the back) bound with golden rings. Diva wears a sleeveless green trench coat that features a high collar and a black border outlined in orange that is patterned with black triangles that are also outlined in orange, a lavender long-sleeved shirt that reaches past his waist with the cuffs rolled back to form spikes at his elbows, a light green sash around his waist, tan pants, and simple brown boots tied at the cuff with tan laces. Diva also wears a large golden ankh-shaped adornment that is clipped onto the golden rings of his right bang, twin golden bracelets with curved designs engraved on them, and a pendant that resembles a miniature simplified Millennium Puzzle. While in disguise as "Aigami", he wears the closed-coat variant of the Domino High School male uniform, and lacks his golden jewelry while doing so while wearing both his uniform and his normal clothes.

Yami Diva (body)

Yami Diva

Yami Diva (face)

Yami Diva's face

After being corrupted by the Millennium Ring, Diva takes on a grotesque demonic appearance: his skin becomes dark greenish-gray with numerous cube-like structures protruding all over his body (there are two different versions: the larger, more prominent ones [which are a sickly pinkish-purple color and feature black vein-like cracks] cover most of his body, as well as forms a rigid cube-like tail, and the smaller, less prominent ones [which are a dark gray/black color] appear in places like his hair, and even form a pair of rigid cube-like wings), his arms lengthen considerably while also gaining a single spike on the elbows and his fingertips elongate into talon-like claws, his legs become double-jointed (similar to those of a grasshopper) and also seem to feature a single spike, his feet become digitigrade (meaning he walks on his toes, with his heels constantly in the air) and feature large talon-like toenails, his hair turns white and becomes more unruly and unkempt, his teeth become yellow and sharper, his tongue becomes long and blue, his ears become pointed and more elf-like, and, most notably, the Millennium Ring becomes fused to his chest with visible pronounced blood vessels surrounding it. The cubes on his left arm function as an organic Duel Disk, while his eyes can freely move about the sides of the ones protruding from his head.


Aigami's name literally translates to "indigo god", while his real name, Diva, translates to "gift of god" in Arabic.



Aigami, his sister, Sera, Mani, and other orphans once lived with an abusive man who made them steal for him. However, Shadi once arrived, and pushed on the orphans' foreheads, causing a gold symbol to momentarily appear on them. Shadi then used the Quantum Cube to immobilize and kill the man.[4]

Aigami and the other orphans then began to live in Egypt. Shadi played a mentor-like role in their lives and taught them about the Millennium Items. In the Shrine of the Underworld, he informed them that three of the items were weak to evil, three represented justice and the seventh, the Millennium Puzzle, contained both justice and evil. He considered Aigami to be of the same level as the person destined to solve the Millennium Puzzle. Shadi told them that when the seven items are gathered, the door to a better world would be opened and that the three of them could enter this world, because they had been chosen.[4]

Bakura's father entered the shrine, while Shadi was teaching Aigami, Sera and Mani about the Items. He offered to buy the Millennium Ring, but Shadi instead got the ring to test him. The event led to Bakura's son, Ryo Bakura, coming into contact with the ring, awaking Dark Bakura, who attacked Shadi. Aigami, Sera and Mani rushed to Shadi, who handed him the Quantum Cube, before he died.[4]

Aigami, Sera and Mani resided with a group of children, on a plateau above the clouds. Aigami decided to leave one day and went with a group of children. Mani also left to keep an eye on him.[4]

Transcend Game

Following Seto Kaiba overcoming Sera's obstacle in an attempted ascension to the netherworld, Aigami approached Sera. He remarked that Sera had been very close and that Kaiba was not somebody they could easily eliminate. While speaking to her, he retrieved a balloon Tomo had let float away and returned it to him.[5]

The Dark Side of Dimensions

Aigami altered the memories of people of Domino City, implanting the notion that he had been a new student at Domino High School. When Yugi Mutou, Anzu Mazaki, Katsuya Jonouchi, Anzu Mazaki and Ryo Bakura saw him at school, they were convinced that they knew him from before, but struggled to remember his name, before Honda finally said it was Aigami.[4]

After school, Aigami was harassed by Scud and his gang, who made violent threats, until Jonouchi intervened. The gang left, but demanded Aigami to meet at the KaibaCorp construction site later. Aigami complied and met the gang, who had brought various weapons and a camcorder, intending to give him a lesson in pain. Aigami laughed and informed them that he had altered their memories. He then used the Quantum Cube on the gang, causing them to disappear. Before leaving, he picked up their camcorder.[4]

Aigami teleported to a mall, where he watched over Yugi and his friends. He was interrupted by Mani, who informed him that Seto Kaiba had found the Millennium Puzzle.[4]

Aigami teleported to the Shrine of the Underworld, where Kaiba was excavating the Millennium Puzzle. Kaiba was aware Aigami was present in the crowd and that he was after the Millennium Puzzle. Kaiba called Aigami out by the name "Diva" and a KaibaCorp employee threatened him with a gun. An act, which Diva mocked, before using the Quantum Cube to make the gunman disappear. He unsuccessfully attempted to use the cube on Kaiba, who accused him of trying his own power against him. The two faced each other in a Duel instead.[4]

Diva seemed to take the advantage in the Duel. However Kaiba pulled the card, "Obelisk the Tormentor", straight out of the ground and Summoned it. Diva thought that this was impossible, since "Obelisk" was the pharaoh's card. Kaiba then used the effect of "Obelisk" and defeated Aigami.[4]

Once the KaibaCorp computer finished scanning the Millennium Puzzle pieces, Mokuba mounted the glass case containing the pieces onto a helicopter and taunted Aigami. Aigami teleported himself onto the case and stuck his hand through the glass. Mokuba saw what he was doing and headbutted him away, but Aigami managed to secretly take two pieces of the puzzle.[4]

While observing Yugi, who was rehearsing his graduation speech, Diva was approached by Sera, who asked if he had faced Kaiba. He handed her one of the puzzle pieces and instructed her to keep it safe. He also commented on the reviving the pharaoh, which Sera was less enthusiastic about.[4]

Aigami later spoke with Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura, claiming to be interested in getting to know them better. So the group went bowling and went to Burger World. They discussed Duel Monsters and told Aigami about some of their adventures.[4]

Later, Jonouchi and Bakura headed to Kame Game to play Duel Monsters with Yugi. On the way, he showed them the Quantum Cube, but claimed it was just a Deck case. After Bakura brought up the topic of the Millennium Ring, Diva used the cube to transport the three of them somewhere else.[4]

When Jonouchi asked what was going on, Diva used the cube to send Jonouchi to another dimension, which was slowly dissolving into oblivion. Diva appeared in the sky in that dimension and taunted Jonouchi, saying he was worthless and could not escape.[4]

Diva approached Bakura and asked if he did not remember their earlier meeting and showed him a vision of the event, where Dark Bakura killed Shadi. Bakura was shocked and wept. He pleaded that it was the ring's doing and apologized for taking away Diva's someone special. They were interrupted by Mani, who had became corrupted by the evil of the Millennium Ring and attempted to kill Bakura. However Mani regained control of himself, threw Bakura aside and told Diva to run. Bakura was sent to one dimension. Diva and Mani, were sent to another, where Mani died and disappeared. Diva considered picking up the Millennium Ring, but stopped when he heard Yugi calling for Jonouchi.[4]

At the Domino City Plaza Aigami reveals to Yugi that he is a Prana whose real name is "Diva", and that the "Aigami" Yugi knew was merely an illusion, implanted in his memory. Diva is later abducted and blindfolded by a group of men from KaibaCorp. He is brought before Kaiba, who demands the pieces of the puzzle. After refusing to hand them over, he is taken to Kaiba Land. [4]

Diva wakes up tied to a chair in a glass prison, with Mokuba on the other side of the glass. Kaiba monitors their interaction externally. Mokuba taunts Diva, who affirms that Kaiba will never get both pieces. However Mokuba claims to already know where the other piece is.[4]

At Kaiba Land, Kaiba introduces Yugi and Aigami and declares that he'll be Dueling each of them for the ownership of the remaining pieces of the Millennium Puzzle. Sera also appears and apologizes to Diva. Yugi declares that he'll be Dueling Diva first instead.[4]

Yugi and Diva begin to Duel. After reducing Yugi to just a few Life Points, Diva claims he is not doing anything wrong; he just wishes to go the new dimension and leave the current corrupt world behind to create a new world. He invites Yugi to join him, but Yugi refuses to give up on the current world and its future. Yugi turns the Duel in his favor and defeats Diva, reiterating that he believes in the future. Diva disappears after the Duel, returning Bakura to the normal world.[4]

Diva then appears in the same dimension Mani died in, and finds the Millennium Ring there. Without touching it, he gets engulfed in its evil. Diva becomes influenced by its evil, which is fused with his chest. Diva then returns, and makes everyone at Kaiba Land except for Yugi and Kaiba disappear in a wave of darkness.[4]

Kaiba and Yugi then agree to team up and Duel him. The Duel is a Shadow Game, where players' bodies fade away as they lose Life Points. Diva manages to defeat Kaiba, who hands Yugi the Millennium Puzzle, before disappearing. Towards the end, Yugi's body reaches its limits and he finds himself incapable of drawing his next card. Suddenly Atem appears, gaining control of Yugi's body. Atem draws and Summons "Palladium Oracle Mahad". Using "Mahad", he defeats Diva, whose body reverts to normal, before disappearing.[4]

He and Sera then part ways with Mani, who was revived, on good terms.[4]


Aigami uses a "Cubic" Deck, which is largely focused on continuously Summoning and "leveling up" his "Cubic" monsters from their base form, "Vijam the Cubic Seed", and using their effects to overpower his opponent within the space of a single turn.

During his Duel against Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba, following his corruption by the Millennium Ring, he focuses his strategy on his most powerful monsters, his "Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lords", with the option of Fusion Summoning "Crimson Nova Trinity the Dark Cubic Lord", as well as dealing large amounts of effect damage to himself and his opponents.



Opponent(s) Outcome
Seto Kaiba No result
Yugi Muto Lose
Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba Win (Kaiba), Lose (Yugi) (influenced by the Millennium Ring)


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