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English name
  • Ahmet
  • Male

Ahmet is one of the two men hired to help Solomon Muto through the Pharaoh's tomb. He later turns on his escort.

Ahmet manga portal

Ahmet in the manga


In Egypt, he and his brother Mushara were hired by Solomon Muto to infiltrate the tomb of the nameless Pharaoh. In the tomb, Solomon soon realized that the traps were like a game. Multiple statues armed with swords slide by on the high catwalk. To cross, a person needed to walk across left footed, and if they if ran on both legs the statues would kill them. Unfortunately, the two brothers are right footed. Ahmet makes it to safety, while his brother panicked and started running. The statues soon stabbed Mushara with a sword, causing him to fall to his death (in the English dub, he fell into a Shadow Pit and became trapped in the Shadow Realm). Ahmet pulled a gun on Solomon, blaming him for the brother's death, and threatened to shoot if they didn't continue. They soon made it to the treasure, where only those of pure heart may pass. Ahmet shot Solomon. Solomon, alive, fell and grabbed onto one of the catwalk's ledges. Ahmet walked over to the treasure, but as he was not of pure heart, the spirit guardian appeared and devoured the mercenary. Soon, the nameless Pharaoh saved Solomon.

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