Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

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Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
  • Japanese: A宝玉獣サファイア・ペガサス
  • Kana: アドバンスドほうぎょくじゅうサファイア・ペガサス
  • Romaji: Adobansudo Hōgyokujū Safaia Pegasasu
  • Translated: Advanced Gem Beast Sapphire Pegasus



4 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star

Effect type

[ ]
This card's name also is treated as "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus". If there is no face-up "Advanced Dark" on the field, destroy this card. When this card is Summoned, you can place 1 "Crystal Beast" monster from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard in your Spell & Trap Card Zone, face-up, as a Continuous Spell Card. If this card is destroyed while it is in a Monster Card Zone, you can place it face-up in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card, instead of sending it to the Graveyard.
ATK / 1800   DEF / 1200

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