DeckProfile-Corn (1)

Adam Corn with "Cyber Valley", "Black Salvo", and "Dark Armed Dragon".

Adam Corn has been considered to be one of the best players in the game's history. Despite rumors of cheating or stacking, Corn has been known for piloting and creating several decks including the famous Monarch-Variant, "Cornarchs", Salvo Dark Armed Dragon, and the well-known cookie deck and Zombies. The wins that he holds under his belt includes the United States Nationals 2007 Winner, Shonen Jump Championship Tulsa Winner, World Championship 3rd place, over a dozen Shonen Jump Day 2 appearances, as well as a couple of 2nd place Shonen Jump finishes. At the 2010 nationals held in Minneapolis, Minnesota he placed in the top 16 with his Gb deck.

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