5Dx115 Accel Simulator

Lazar shows people the Accel Simulator.

Accel Simulator is an arcade game, which simulates Turbo Duels. It is located in the Game Paradise arcade.[1]


It features Duel Puzzles, where the player faces Cup Ramen Man in a Turbo Duel.[1]

Sector Security hides files behind simulations in the game. Most people are unaware of these hidden files. To access them,there are two Duel Puzzles that must be passed. If a player fails a total of three times at passing the puzzles, the CPU locks them out.[1]


When Lazar was telling Team 5D's and Sherry LeBlanc what he knew about Iliaster, he told them about a phone call he received from an outside company who sent the three new directors. To find out who this company was, Lazar took the group to the Accel Simulator to access the hidden database. Lazar failed to pass the first Duel Puzzle, but Akiza took a turn and passed it. Jack went first on the second puzzle, but failed. Yusei used the group's last chance to pass the final puzzle. Yusei passed it and the CPU revealed the Momentum Express Development Organization to be the company behind the phone call.[1]

Duel Puzzles

Level 1



Cup Ramen Man

  • 1800 Life Points
  • 4 Speed Counters
  • Field contains "Cup Meatball Cayenne" in Attack Position.
  • Hand contains 2 cards.


Level 2



Cup Ramen Man


  • Activate the effect of "Speed World 2", removing 4 Speed Counters to inflict 1600 damage.
  • Activate "Speed Spell - Speed Energy" to increase the ATK of "Jester Queen" by 1200.
  • Activate the effect of "Speed World 2" again, removing 4 Speed Counters to inflict 800 damage.
  • Activate "Speed Spell - High Speed Crash", destroying "Jester Lord" and "Cup Udon Uno". The effect of "Cup Udon Uno" destroys the Spell and Trap Cards in the player's Spell & Trap Card Zone.
  • Set "Discord" and "Imperial Custom".
  • Attack "Cup Meatball Cayenne" with "Jester Queen".
  • Attack "Cup Ramen Lard" with "Jester Queen".


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