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Premium Collection Tin
  • Premium Collection

Collection Premium


Premium Collection


Collezione Premium


Colección Premium

Set information


  • PRC1-ENV (Primary)
  • PRC1-EN (Secondary)
  • (en)
Number of cards


Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (world)
  • March 20, 2012
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • March 15, 2012

Three 4-card promo packs (all foil cards) + 2 variant cards - total of 14 foils in each tin. The 12 random foil cards will make up a 23-card set, which includes new cards from each of the 4 Yu-Gi-Oh! series. The 2 variant cards will be the same in each tin.

"This will be the only chance for gamers to get their hands on these Premium collector cards as they will be sold exclusively in this tin release!" - Konami[citation needed]


Features cards used by Yami Yugi, Trueman, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, Akiza Izinski, Kalin Kessler, Sect Ijuin, Greiger, Bolt Tanner, Yuma Tsukumo, Kite Tenjo and Mr. Kay.


Each tin contains:



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Set number English name French name Rarity Category
PRC1-FRV01 Elemental HERO The Shining L'Illumination, HÉROS Élémentaire Secret Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-FRV02 Number 34: Terror-Byte (alternate artwork) Numéro 34 : Terreur-Byte Secret Rare Xyz Monster
PRC1-FR001 Meteor Dragon Dragon Météore Super Rare Normal Monster
PRC1-FR002 Beastly Mirror Ritual Rituel du Miroir Bestial Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
PRC1-FR003 Fiend's Mirror Miroir du Démon Super Rare Ritual Monster
PRC1-FR004 Meteor B. Dragon Dragon Noir Météore Super Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-FR005 Firewing Pegasus Pegase aux Ailes de Feu Super Rare Normal Monster
PRC1-FR006 Quick-Span Knight Chevalier de Vélocité Super Rare Tuner monster
PRC1-FR007 Armored Bee Abeille Cuirassée Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR008 Great Poseidon Beetle Scarabée Géant de Poseidon Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR009 Junk Forward Robot Impatient Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR010 Fallen Angel of Roses Ange Déchu des Roses Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR011 Machina Cannon Canon Méchabot Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR012 Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird Phénix de Flammes, l'Oiseau de Bombardement Super Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-FR013 Scarred Warrior Guerrier Cicatrice Super Rare Synchro Monster
PRC1-FR014 Kagemucha Knight Chevalier Kagemucha Secret Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR015 Photon Wyvern Vouivre Photon Secret Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR016 Rosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel Rosaria, l'Imposant Ange Déchu Secret Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR017 Ma'at Ma'at Secret Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-FR018 Masked HERO Acid Acid, HÉROS Masqué Secret Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-FR019 Masked HERO Dian Dian, HÉROS Masqué Secret Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-FR020 Gravity Warrior Guerrier Gravite Secret Rare Synchro Monster
PRC1-FR021 Void Ogre Dragon Dragon Ogre du Néant Secret Rare Synchro Monster
PRC1-FR022 Photon Sanctuary Sanctuaire Photon Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
PRC1-FR023 Photon Current Charge Photon Super Rare Normal Trap Card

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Set number English name German name Rarity Category
PRC1-DEV01 Elemental HERO The Shining Elementar-HELD The Shining Secret Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-DEV02 Number 34: Terror-Byte (alternate artwork) Nummer 34: Terror-Byte Secret Rare Xyz Monster
PRC1-DE001 Meteor Dragon Meteordrache Super Rare Normal Monster
PRC1-DE002 Beastly Mirror Ritual Abscheuliches Spiegelritual Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
PRC1-DE003 Fiend's Mirror Spiegel des Unterweltlers Super Rare Ritual Monster
PRC1-DE004 Meteor B. Dragon Schwarzer Meteordrache Super Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-DE005 Firewing Pegasus Feuerflügel-Pegasus Super Rare Normal Monster
PRC1-DE006 Quick-Span Knight Schnellspann-Ritter Super Rare Tuner monster
PRC1-DE007 Armored Bee Gepanzerte Biene Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE008 Great Poseidon Beetle Großer Poseidonkäfer Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE009 Junk Forward Gerümpel vorwärts Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE010 Fallen Angel of Roses Gefallener Rosenengel Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE011 Machina Cannon Maschinenwesen Kanone Super Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE012 Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird Flammenphönix, der brennende Bombenvogel Super Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-DE013 Scarred Warrior Narbenbedeckter Krieger Super Rare Synchro Monster
PRC1-DE014 Kagemucha Knight Kagemucha-Ritter Secret Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE015 Photon Wyvern Photonen-Lindwurm Secret Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE016 Rosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel Rosaria, der stattliche gefallene Engel Secret Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE017 Ma'at Ma'at Secret Rare Effect Monster
PRC1-DE018 Masked HERO Acid Maskierter HELD Acid Secret Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-DE019 Masked HERO Dian Maskierter HELD Dian Secret Rare Fusion Monster
PRC1-DE020 Gravity Warrior Gravitationskrieger Secret Rare Synchro Monster
PRC1-DE021 Void Ogre Dragon Ogerdrache der Leere Secret Rare Synchro Monster
PRC1-DE022 Photon Sanctuary Photonen-Zuflucht Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
PRC1-DE023 Photon Current Photonenstrom Super Rare Normal Trap Card


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