2012 Dominican National Championship
Cesar Nazarre - 2012 Nationals
Tournament details

World Championship Qualifier




Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic[1]


May 6, 2012[1]

Final positions

Cesar Nazarre[2]


Darling Paulino[2]

Third place

Abrahan Hoguin[2]

Fourth place

Arturo Pichardo[2]


The 2012 Dominican National Championship was a World Championship Qualifier for the 2012 World Championship. It determined the national champion of the Dominican Republic that year. The tournament was organized by the Arsenio Nintendo Club.[1] It was won by Cesar Nazarre.


Main event

The prizes for the main event were as follows:[1]

Position Prize
2nd 32 GB touch screen MP3 player
3rd-4th 12 Booster Packs of Generation Force, Photon Shockwave or Order of Chaos
5th-8th 6 Booster Packs of Generation Force, Photon Shockwave or Order of Chaos
Top 4 Championship Plaque
Top 32
Participation Booster Packs of the current booster release, equivalent to $20.00 US

Dragon Duel

The prizes for the Dragon Duel were as follows:[1]

Position Prize
  • Travel and accommodation to WCQ continentals (with parent or guardian)
  • Championship plaque
2nd 12 Booster Pack of each of Order of Chaos or Galactic Overlord
3rd−4th 6 Booster Packs of Order of Chaos or Galactic Overlord
Top 4 Dragon Duel WCQ 2012 game mat
Top cut Invitation to WCQ continentals
Participation WCQ 2012 sleeves


The winner Cesar Nazarre used a "Six Samurai" Deck. The runner-up Darling Paulino used a "Dino Rabbit" Deck. Third place Abrahan Hoguin used a "Blackwing" Deck. Fourth place Arturo Pichardo used a "Six Samurai" OTK Deck. In the remaining top eight, Mauro Gomez used an "Inzektor" Deck, Frankie Objio Acosta used an "Inzektor" Deck, Oliver Alexis Tineo used a "Chaos Dragon" Deck and Rafael Lopez used a "Skill Drain HERO" Deck.[2]

1st - Cesar Nazarre - Six Samurai
Side Deck
2nd - Darling Paulino - Dino Rabbit
Side Deck


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