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The 2002 Booster Pack Tins are six collectible tins, released in 2002.

Each tin contains one promotional card, which is depicted on the tin, and the following Booster Packs: two Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon packs, two Metal Raiders packs, and one Spell Ruler pack, known as Magic Ruler at the time.


There are six Secret Rare promotional cards, consisting of four Normal Monsters, one Effect Monster and one Fusion Monster. Two of the cards are used by Yugi Muto, two are used by Seto Kaiba, and two are used by Joey Wheeler.



Card number Name Rarity Category
BPT-001 Dark Magician Secret Rare Normal Monster
BPT-002 Summoned Skull Secret Rare Normal Monster
BPT-003 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Secret Rare Normal Monster
BPT-004 Lord of D. Secret Rare Effect Monster
BPT-005 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Secret Rare Normal Monster
BPT-006 B. Skull Dragon Secret Rare Fusion Monster

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