-OZONE- is the third Japanese ending theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, performed by vistlip. It debuted on July 1st 2009 in episode 65, replacing CROSS GAME and was later replaced by Close to you in episode 104 on April 7th, 2010.

The second version, in which Sherry LeBlanc is revealed, starts from episode 72. Another change takes place each time a "Meklord Emperor" monster is played, resulting in the monster no longer being covered by a mysterious shadow during the end of the opening.

Recording credits

  • Performed by: vistlip
  • Lyrics by: Satoshi (智)
  • Composed by: Tohya
  • Arranged by: vistlip
  • Record Label: Marvelous Entertainment(マーベラスエンターテイメント)


遊戯王5D's 第三期 エンディングテーマ 「-OZONE-」 (高画質)

遊戯王5D's 第三期 エンディングテーマ 「-OZONE-」 (高画質)

Lyrics (TV Size)

こたえはNOじゃない だけどりない
「どんなかんけい?」 なんてかれたら
けんいながら かちいながら
「ねぇいま?」 「きゅうなか

Ama no gawa ukabu Se no hikui oka
Miwatasu keshiki wa Souzou to chigau
Ano koro to kurabe Mae ni susumeta?
Kotae wa NO ja nai Dakedo tarinai
Ijiwaru na "Kami" ga Bokura tamesunda
Kuuseki wo umete Tsugi no suteeji e mukaou
"Donna kankei?" nante kikaretara
Tomodachi ijou ka na... Sore mo sukoshi chigau ka...
"Kizuna" to iu kotoba ga fusawashii
Kenkashiai nagara Wakachiai nagara
"Nee ima, doko?" "Chikyuun naka"
Uchuuhikoushi ja nai kara
Ozon (ozone) yori shita nara mondai nai
"Wakatteru, sugu iku"
Asa made sawagitai no deshou
Taisetsu na ibasho de

A short hill where the Milky Way appears,
the landscape I look out over is different from what I’d imagined,
Have we moved forward since those times?
The answer isn't NO but it's not enough,
A malicious "god" is testing us,
let’s fill up the empty seat and head to the next stage
When asked "What kind of relationship do you have?"
I say "Maybe a little more than just friends"... but that's not quite right either... the word "bond" is more appropriate,
while fighting with each other, while breaking off relations with one another,
"Hey, where are you right now?" "Somewhere on Earth"
I’m not an astronaut
so if it's anywhere beneath the ozone, it's no problem!
"Got it, I'll be there soon"
Do I want to cause a disturbance until morning
in those important whereabouts?



Duel Monsters



The ending is slightly changed after episode 65. Character positions are moved and "Ancient Fairy Dragon" is in a different position.