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"Gravity Bind"
English "Gravity Bind"
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Lore"Gravity Bind" is a very powerful [[Co"Gravity Bind" is a very powerful Continuous Trap Card that prevents all monsters Level 4 or higher from attacking. The only drawback to this card is that it affects your monsters as well as your opponent's.

You can keep "Gravity Bind" on the field face-down and activate it when your opponent attacks. If the attacking monster is Level 4 or higher, then the attack stops.

"Gravity Bind" is very powerful in a Deck where you are trying to buy time, like if you are playing with an Exodia Deck or another Deck that needs time to get rolling.

It is also good for a Deck where all of your monsters are below Level 4, like a "Relinquished" Deck.
w Level 4, like a "Relinquished" Deck.
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