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Yu-Gi-Oh Pride Episode 4 Cabal's "Death" and Majin Michael's Demise

Opening Plays

Narrator: Last time on Yu-Gi-Oh Pride the sons of Gray and Lex were revealed and during all of this Joey found out who the Evil was and at the end Enzo attacked Sparks without seeing if he was good or not, and now they're about to duel.

Duel Initiated 4000 LP

Enzo: I'll start by summoning Destiny Hero - Drilldark (L-4 Warrior Dark 1600/1200) and now his effect activates and it lets me special summon one monster from my hand with equal or less attack and I choose Destiny Hero - Dynatag (L-5 Warrior Dark 1000/1000) and I now activate polymerization fusing Drilldark and Dynatag into Destiny Hero - Dystopia (L-8 Warrior Dark 2800/2400) also it has an effect but I won't activate it now I end.

Sparks: Draw. I'll start by activating Geartown this lets all Ancient Gear monster summon for one less tribute. So now I'll summon Ancient Gear Beast (L-5 Machine Earth 2000/2000) and to end I set 2 cards face down.

Enzo: Draw. I set one monster face down and now Dystopia attack Ancient Gear Beast send it back to the junkyard.


Enzo: I end.

Sparks: Draw. I summon Ancient Gear Hunting Hound (L-3 Machine Earth 1000/1000) and now I activate it effect you take 600 points of damage.


Sparks: But I'm not done there because I use its other effect I can fusion summon a monster by using Ancient Gear cards on the field and in my hand, so now I fuse 2 Hunting Hounds and 2 Ancient Gear Knights into Chaos Ancient Gear Giant (L-10 Machine Dark 4500/3000) and now you'll feel the pain Chaos Ancient Gear Giant attack Dystopia.


Sparks: I end.

Enzo: Draw. I set one monster and 1 card face down. Then I end.

Sparks: Draw. Chaos attack the face down.

Enzo: I activate Mirror Force.

Sparks: Chaos can't be targeted by my opponents effects. So continue the attack the face down.

Destiny Hero - Defender is destroyed.

Sparks: His other effect activates when he attacks a monster in defense mode you take piercing damage.


Sparks: I'm not don't you see that now.

Enzo: Yeah, sorry about that I didn't know you were a good majin.

Sparks: I'm the son of Gray.

As he said this a bridge showed up out of nowhere.

Joey: This looks likes it leads for the island.

Everyone goes to the island but they're greeted by Cabal.

Enzo/Michael/Slash/Joey: You!

Michael: Lightning Slash!

Cabal: Stun Shot!

Slash: Dual Katana Slash!

Cabal: Freeze Shot!

Enzo: Thousand Spear!

Cabal: Flame Shot!

Joey: Tri-Shuriken!

Cabal: Web Shot!

Raphael: Trident Stab!

Cabal: Gem Shot!

Purple: You guys go on ahead me, Jet, Raphael, Damian, and Slash got this go and beat Majin Michael.

Everyone else goes on ahead. Cabal gets knocked down.

Damian: Light Knife Shot!

The darkness leaves Cabal revealing this whole time she was a man.

Cabal: Wh-Wh-Where am I?

They explain to him about what happened and what is going on.

Cabal: Thank you for saving me.

The camera shows Michael, Joey, Lexan, Sparks, and Enzo. They all split up.

Enzo goes into a room where there is only a chair.

Enzo: What is this place?

Majin Michael: Your doom!

Michael find the room Enzo and Majin Michael are in he sees Enzo on the floor "dead".

A flashback appears on screen.

Majin Michael: Demon Spin Slash!

He stabs Enzo but Enzo gets out of way last second whole doing this he decides play dead so that Majin Michael can't kill him.

Flashback over.

Michael: Y-Y-You killed my best friend.

A series of images appear on screen showing Michael and Enzo throughout the years of their friendship.

Michael: For this I will kill you.

Majin Michael: You can't kill a majin we have the power of regeneration.

Michael seems to become more angry during this his hair starts to turn silver.

Majin Michael: What the- what are you doing.

Michael: I will kill you! This is for Enzo! Triple Lightning Spin Slash!

Majin Michael is dead. Enzo wakes up.

Enzo: Michael what happened to you?

Michael: I dunno, when I saw you this power awoke in me.

Everyone else find them.

Joey/Lexan/Sparks: Is he dead?

Michael: Yes.

They meet up with everyone else. Purple and co. explain what happened and so does Michael and co.

Damian: I heard that the 36th World School Tournament is happening in a few days.

Purple: A chance to defend my title once more.

Michael: Well what are waiting for lets get over to World School.

A few days later.

Slash: Dad?

JT: You guys didn't know?

Dante: This is open to all ages.

Announcer: JT, Dante, Gappy, Devon, and Enzilla. How long has it been?

Dante: About 30 tournaments or so.

Michael: We're gonna go sign up cya guys.

Dante, JT, and Enzilla keep talking to the Announcer while everyone else goes to sign up.

Announcer: Welcome to the 36th World School Tournament folks and I'd first like to give a hand for some old contestants JT the first winner, Dante the man who defeated the gods 20 years ago, and Enzilla the winner of the tag-team tournament.

Everyone claps.

Announcer: Can we have Purple come to the stage.

Purple: Why the fuck do I have to go up.

Purple walks up.

Announcer: Since you won the last tournament you can choose who you duel in your first round.

Purple: I choose Cabal.

Cabal: Why me!

Announcer: Alright folks now here are the rounds.


Narrator: With the 36th World School Tournament underway the first round matches have been decided. 6 of the World School students have shown up to the tournament. We see the hall of fallen hero's then Ace, Lex, Timmy, and Gray appear on screen holding their decks. Ace appeared with Scrap Twin Dragon, Lex appeared with Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond, Timmy appeared with Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and Gray appeared with Cyber End Dragon.
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yugioh nations season 2 episode 6

every year in Elibe they celebrate the new year with the offering to their twelve gods. This takes the form of a celebration festival that last for twelve hours. During the final hour the queen arrives at the main temple, at that time she states twelve names. The people who names are called will enter the temple and for the rest of their lives they will spend in the temple praying and serving the twelve gods. After the people have entered the tower the queen will start the prayer who she will do together with every citizen of the country. This process has repeated itself for the last 20 years.

Blaze: oke everyone got their stuff?

Strike: yep

Enzo: I do

Shawn: I need to get one more thing and I’ll be ready

Enzo: well hurry we need to catch the queen

Shawn: I’ll be back before you can spell the name of the queen

Shawn walks towards a closed room in the building

Enzo: oke I’ll start spelling…

Strike looks at Enzo with dumbfound face

Blaze: don’t worry he does not know how to spell it

Strike: no I was more so thinking off Shawn

Blaze: …

A bit later
Shawn stands before a closed door

Shawn: well here we go (he opens the door)

Inside the room is a two-person bed a baby size bed, a closet and a desk. On the desk is a small wooden box with two cords keeping it closed.

Shawn walks up to the desk and looks at the box as we see a drop of water falling to the side of it

Shawn is shedding tears

Behind him we hear a voice: well Shawn our ace monsters do work well together, how about this if you beat me you can use it in your deck.

Shawn: I never did beat you in the end, ey sensei (Elibe is modeled after feudal japan after all)

Shawn grabs the box and puts it in his pocket

A man is standing in the doorframe, Shawn has not noticed yet

???: so your taking it with you?

Shawn: yes, after all these years I’ll at least take it with me

Blaze: well then let’s go

Shawn: yea, and we see the two leave the house

Outside we see strike with a stick writing in the ground

Enzo: a so that is how you spell it

Blaze: were you really teaching him how to spell the name of the queen?

Strike: he asked me

Enzo: well you could have said no

Strike: very true

Shawn: I got everything now let’s go

Blaze: yes, we need to hurry

Strike: not that the queen will hurry

Enzo: o right I was going to ask that, what kind of person is our queen (as the four of them are walking through the town)

Strike: well I avoid her as much as possible, Shawn?

Shawn: I have only met her 3 times. Blaze you and the queen have a relationship, right?

Blaze stops for a moment. At that point we hear a few adults in the back ground saying

Adult: did you hear about the advancement in the war?

Adult 2: yea apparently all kind of bases in Jugdral are being destroyed

Adult: do you think we will be able to stay out of it?

Adult: depends on who is doing it

Enzo looking at the adults

Shawn: Enzo?

Enzo: sorry what were you saying blaze?

Blaze: I have not said anything yet

Strike: well then don’t leave us in suspense, tell us

Blaze: well then let us start with…

Meanwhile in the capital
We see a building larger than the others in the area

As we come closer we start to hear a voice

???: so, Z what are you going to be praying for this year?

We enter the room and we see a female samurai kneeling by the door

Z: my queen, is this the to talk about that?

As the camera turns around we see a changing screen and behind we see a silhouette of a woman changing

Queen: now that I look your way where is Lexan?

Z: since you were changing he thought it would be inappropriate to be in the same room

Queen: I thought he would be at the grave of his parents again, but he is actually a gentle man

Z in thought: more like he really does not want to be here to avoid …

Queen: so how is this dress. As she appeared from behind the screen

We see a woman who is in her late 40’s wearing a really fancy red kimono with golden finishes

Z: miss you look….

Queen: amazing I know

Z: yes miss

Queen: also Z you are also a woman

Z: yes miss

Queen: then why do you wear the same armor as all the male samurai?

Z: because that is the armor we have miss

Queen: well I don’t think it fits, I just got a great idea I’ll order the man to make you an armor with a skirt wont that be nice

Z: miss I don’t think a skirt will be practical in battle

Queen: its decided, what are your sizes

Z: miss are you listening to me?

Queen: yea yea that is nice, now let’s go on I still have 20 dresses to try before choosing the one I’ll wear

Z: gods help me

Queen: what was that?

Z: nothing miss

Queen: good we don’t want any arguments now do we

Z: no miss

Queen: now let’s try the next dress

Somewhere else

We see a man in samurai armor with dark purple hair and yellow eyes walking by the garden

???: ah its nice to have some piece and quite occasionally

As he walks along the edge of the garden, we see a young lady sitting in the flower field

???: princess what are you doing here?

The young lady turns around

Princess: oh, hi Lexan, what are you doing here?

Lexan: I was ehhh

Princess: was my mother trying out new dresses again?

Lexan: yes

Princess: thought so

Lexan: but what about you miss, why are you sitting here by yourself?

Princess: I’m 16 now, this means this year is the first time I will attend the festival with my mother

Lexan: I know, this still does not explain why you are here in the flower field

Princess: well if I’m going to tell anyone it might as well be you Lexan

Lexan: tell what?

Princess: I’m scared

Lexan: of what?

Princess: scared I’m not good enough to be a queen, what if I fail or am not as strong as I should be, what if I’m not…..
Lexan: stop it right there!

Princess with tears in her eyes looks up to the samurai

Lexan: I’m not strong either, but I go on for myself and those who are no longer here

Princess: no Lexan, you are strong one of the strongest people here how can you know how I feel

She looks at Lexan his face he has tears in his eyes as well

The princess fell quite

Princess: Lexan I’m sorry, i

Lexan: don’t be we all have our worries and our pasts, it’s important that we keep moving not only for ourselves but for those who are no longer with us

Princess: lexan, did you visit the grave of you parents yet?

Lexan: not yet I was planning on going after the festival

Princess: I have something for them

Lexan: hmmm?

She goes around the flower field and grabs a bunch of flowers making a bouget

Princess: here for your parents

Lexan: thank you, I will bring it to them

Laxan starts to walk off

Princess: … Lexan

Lexan: yes?

Princess: can I come with you?

Lexan: oof

Princess: what does that mean?

Lexan: is it smart for you to leave without guards

Princess: you are with me right

Lexan: my lady I am but one man

Princess: one strong man I trust you

Lexan: still I must refuse, I can’t guaranty your safety

Princess: then how about this we will duel for it if I win ill go with you

Lexan: and if I win?

Princess: hmmm what do you want?

Lexan: honestly to not deal with your mother’s behavior

Princess: oke if you win ill try and move you to be my personal samurai

Lexan: that is not what I meant

Princess: it’s a deal

Lexan: oof
Lexan in thought: well this works out well

Princess: let’s start

The princess snaps her fingers and a bird comes flying landing on her arm, it transforms into a duel disk (think of the once in the last season of the original series)

Princess: I’m ready

Lexan: well than I’ll beter get ready too

We see a base with a deck already in the slot on lexan his arm, he draws his katana and slides it on the base the sword opens and the disk is complete

Lexan/princess: duel


Lexan: ladies first

Princess: why thank you, I summon Constellar Pollux

A warrior from space in white armor armed with a sword with two edges appeared (1700 atk)

Lexan: good start

Princess: it won’t be staying long, because with its effect I can normal summon 1 more time this turn

Lexan: very good

Princess: thank you now I tribute him for Constellar Antares

A machine-like space warrior in white armor appeared on the field (2400 atk)

Princess: when he is summoned I can add 1 Constellar monster from my graveyard to my hand and I add Constellar pollux

Lexan: good move now you can use him again next turn

Princess: that is the plan, I set one card and end my turn

Lexan: princess

Princess: yes?

Lexan his face turns from a kind look to a serious one

Lexan: even if you are the princess I serve I won’t be holding back

The princess was startled by the look and the change of the tone

Lexan: draw, I summon magicians rod

A spectral wizard with the rod of the dark magician teleports in (1600 atk)

Princess: it’s not strong enough

Lexan: ill activate its effect

Princess: what does it do?

Lexan: I add 1 spell or trap card from my deck to my hand that lists the dark magician

Lexan looks through his deck

Lexan: I’ll add dark magical circle, and activate it

A golden ring with magical symbols on the edges appears on Lexan his field

Princess: I think I need to worry about that card

Lexan: depends

Princess: on?

Lexan: what my next 3 cards on my deck are (magicians circle lets you look at the top 3 cards of your deck and reveal 1 dark magician or spell/trap that list dark magician and lets it add you to your hand the remaining cards you can place in any order)

Princess: …

Lexan picks his 3 cards

Lexan: I add illusion magic to my hand, then I set 3 cards and end my turn

Princess: wait nothing else?

Lexan: I ended my turn so not for now

Princess: well oke then draw, I summon Constellar pollux, with my extra normal summon I summon Constellar Acubens

a white machine like warrior with 800 atk came down from the sky

lexan: he is not that tough is he?

Princess: his effect helps, all my Constellar gain 500 atk

Pollux’s attack rose to 2200
Acubens attack rose to 1300
Antares attack rose to 2900

Lexan: at this point ill activate my face-down illusion magic, with it ill tribute magicians rod and add 2 dark magicians to my hand

Princess: won’t do much good in your hand now will they

Lexan: we’ll see

Princess: well in that case I use my 2 level 4 to xyz summon

A dark portal opens on the ground and the 2 monsters turn into lights and enter the portal

Princess: I xyz summon rank 4 Constellar praesepe

A warrior with white and gold armor appears on the field (2400 atk)

Lexan: I activate my trap card magicians navigation, with this I special summon 1 dark magician from my hand and 1 level 7 spellcaster from my deck, from my deck ill summon magician of dark illusion

Dark magician the classic monster with 2500 atk
And magician of dark illusion a dark shadow in the shape of dark magician with 2500 def

Princess: and there it is the ace of your deck

Lexan: not quite yet

Princess: well does not matter my monsters are stronger still

Lexan: also, does not matter


Lexan: with my circle when I summon a dark magician I can banish 1 monster you control, I banish your xyz monster

The circle spins around and a circle appears around Constellar praesepe disappears

Lexan: and your other monster can’t beat them

Princess: I I end my turn

Lexan: draw, princess this is the last turn of this duel

Princess: what how?

Lexan: my face down eternal soul

Princess: I don’t like the look of that card

Lexan: it allows me to special summon a dark magician from my hand or graveyard, witch I’ll do right now from my hand

A second dark magician appears on the field

Lexan: and with circle your other monster is now also banished

Princess: noo

Lexan: my magicians, dark magic attack!

The 2 dark magicians aim their rods and blast at the princess


Princess: well you win

Lexan: see I can’t let you go with me you can’t vend for yourself

Princess: that is why you are now my personal samurai

Lexan: pardon?

Princess: that was our deal remember

Lexan: but how will you speak to that with the queen?

Princess: leave that to me, now you will escort me while I go to the grave of your parents

Lexan: what why?

Princess: you are my samurai remember?

Lexan: o boy this is going to be a trip

Princess: come on we need to hurry we will soon leave to the temple so let’s go

Lexan: your right lets go

The two of them leave the garden

Back with the queen

Queen: I think this one is it

We see an absolute over the top decorated kimono

Queen: Z?

Z is still sitting by the door

Queen: Z?

Z: huh yea miss?

Queen: did you fall asleep?

Z: …no

Queen: never let it happen again, do you understand

Z: yes miss

Queen: now call the men we are going to the temple

Z: yes miss

Z leaves the room

Queen: well then, I wonder what will happen this year since that devil child is also coming with them

End of episode

Well guys its has been a while but its here
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